10 Burning Questions 'The Good Dinosaur' Still Needs To Answer

10 Burning Questionsthe Good Dinosaurstill Needs Answer

On Nov. 25, Disney Pixar's newest film debuted. ' The Good Dinosaur ' made us laugh, cry and wonder just how different our lives would have been had dinosaurs never become extinct. Would we, the human race, end up becoming more animalistic than the actual animals? Apatosaurus Arlo is 1000x more civilized that the human Spot.

Even though the movie's been out for two weeks, we can't stop thinking about these questions the film never answered. The main one being, how is Disney Pixar so good at tapping into our emotions and making adults bawl their eyes out? Warning : Major spoilers lie ahead.

  1. Did Arlo's family even try looking for him when he disappeared? Disney Pixar

    For real though. After Arlo goes through all that sh-t, fighting for his life and selflessly giving up Spot, he comes home to find his mother and siblings working like any other day. I get that they needed to continue taking care of the farm in preparation for winter, but their son/brother disappeared. They never saw him go into the river, so what did they think happened to him, that he just up and ran away or something?

  2. How did Spot's parents die? Disney Pixar

    Spot tells Arlo — in his own way, of course — his parents are gone. Assuming they perished, how did they die? Were they eaten by dinosaurs? Swallowed up by the river? Trampled by longhorns? We need to know.

  3. Who in the world was that random white-haired family at the end? Disney Pixar

    They just seemed to appear out of nowhere and were clearly not related to Spot. Did they speak Spot's, uh, language? Were they actually nice people, or folks with an unknown agenda?

  4. Why couldn't Spot, his new strange human family and Arlo's family all live together on the farm? Disney Pixar

    Spot's family seemed to be nomads, so it's not like they already put a down payment on a hut or something. Arlo and his family could've used their help and protection, and vise versa. Plus, Arlo and Spot were BFFs, and it broke our heart to watch them separate.

  5. How in the world did this drug scene make it past the censors? http://dingo-the-dog.tumblr.com/post/134278893624/this-was-an-actual-scene-from-the-good-dinosaur-i

    This was a Disney Pixar movie, meaning children were the main target audience. Of course, we all did a double take when Spot and Arlo eat some shady-looking berries and then start hallucinating and tripping TF out. It was totally obvious that's what was going down, and people definitely took notice of it on the internet .

    But, as this BuzzFeed article pointed out, Disney's been sneaking adult sequences into its films for a long time. Remember those scenes in ' Dumbo ' and ' Pinocchio '?

  6. What was this dude's backstory? Disney Pixar

    We don't know much about Forrest Woodbush other than he's super fearful and has plenty of backup should trouble arise. But why is he so afraid? And of what exactly is he afraid? Is he running from something that went down in his past? Also, what was Debbie the red songbird's problem when she ups and flies away?

    Fun fact: Peter Sohn , the director of the movie, also voiced Forrest Woodbush.

  7. How many people in theaters were utterly confused as to what these creatures were supposed to be? Disney Pixar

    Because dinosaur hits such as ' Jurassic Park ' and ' Jurassic World ' portray raptors as smooth, scaly beast, looking at these raptors — aka rustlers in the film — with feathers probably tripped a bunch of people up. But these raptors are actually more scientifically accurate, according to paleontologists .

  8. Why didn't Butch, Ramsey and Nash eat Arlo and Spot? Disney Pixar

    True, the movie would've been instantly over, but still. They're carnivores, and Arlo and Spot are meat. Also, was the movie supposed to take place in a warped version of Texas, since the T-rexes were longhorn ranchers and whatnot? Plus, what happened to Butch's wife? There wasn't any mention of her.

  9. How did dinosaurs learn how to farm and grow crops in the first place? Disney Pixar

    Props to them, but did Momma and Poppa's families teach them how when they were young? Or, did Arlo's parents just figure it out on their own?

  10. Was Poppa supposed to be channeling Mufasa from ' The Lion King '? Disney Pixar

    Both fathers die horrible deaths in front of their young, traumatized sons. Plus, they both 'return' towards the end of the movie, giving their children the push they need for the task at hand.

We'll be waiting, Disney Pixar!

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