10 Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Parties I Was Never Invited To As A Kid

10 Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Parties I Was Never Invited

Remember when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had that cute little video series, You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's? It ran from 1995 to 2000, and its theme song claimed, 'We're calling everyone, we're putting out the welcome mat.' Well, funny enough, I never received my invitation. If the twins wanted everyone to RSVP, why did I receive no invite in which to respond? I couldn't just show up unannounced, could I? I needed to receive confirmation from them that I was, indeed, welcome to attend.

Instead, all I got was a big fat wad of silence and crushed dreams, forced to watch all of their fun parties from afar. Thanks for nothing, girls. Thanks a whole lot.

  1. A Sleepover Party Dualstar

    This party is the one that started it all and hurts the most. I would've played a game called Video Monster , but I wasn't invited. I would've put on creepy AF makeup and scared boys, but I wasn't invited. And, I would've sung a classic song about pizza, but I. wasn't. invited.

  2. A Hawaiian Beach Party Dualstar

    You know what's awesome? Having a ' Wild, Wet, Wacky, Wonderful ' time in Hawaii. Know what else is awesome? Actually being invited to parties.

  3. A Birthday Party Dualstar

    Munching on birthday cake and jumping in a bounce house sounded like a blasty-blast. Too bad I was stuck at home, eating stale crackers and getting in trouble for jumping on the couch.

  4. A Christmas Party Dualstar

    Hey, Mary-Kate and Ashley, remember when you danced around and sang a song with gingerbread cookies? I do. Did I receive a cookie from you? Nope, not even a broken one.

  5. A Mall Party Dualstar

    What in god's name is a 'mall party'? Would've known if I'd been invited.

  6. A Ballet Party Dualstar

    The faces you're making reflect my feelings about not being invited yet again.

  7. A Campout Party Dualstar

    Knock knock! (Who's there?) A camping party for. (A camping party for whom?) Not me, apparently.

  8. A Costume Party Dualstar

    Trying on all those clothes from the '50s, '60s, '70s, and '80s looked awesome. Too bad I was stuck just wearing my denim overalls, handmade puffy paint shirt, butterfly barrettes, and jelly sandals. Yippy skippy.

  9. A Fashion Party Dualstar

    What goes together better than the Olsen twins and L.A.'s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising? Me and unanswered emails demanding answers.

  10. A School Dance Party Dualstar

    Hold up. How the hell did Margie from the Zenon movies get an invite and I didn't? She's not even nice . Remember all that crap she did to Zenon? If that's the kind of person you want at your parties, then FINE. I'm better off.