10 Reasons Edward Cullen Is Still Bae 10 Years Later

10 Reasons Edward Cullen Is Still Bae 10 Years Later

by Paige Gawley

As difficult as it is to imagine, it has officially been 10 years since 'Twilight' was released. Yes, really. As if this wasn’t enough nostalgia for one day Stephanie Meyer, the lady who brought Edward and Bella to life, recently announced the release of a special edition of the book for the double digit anniversary. The 10th Anniversary Edition of 'Twilight,' which hits stores tomorrow (October 6), is full of bonus content and is sure to make all of our Team Jacob/Team Edward feels reemerge.

It’s totally clear that Edward was and will always be Bella’s (and our!) one true love. And though we don't know what happened to them after the end of the last book in the series, we can imagine what it might be like -- because from the first page of 'Twilight,' we knew these two would be together forever.

  1. Edward’s sparkles will make your Instagram posts look so good. Summit Entertainment

    I mean it’s always been cool that he’s a sparkly vampire, but just imagine the likes you’d rack up for your super hot and perfect boyfriend – who happens to sparkle — kissing you on your cheek in your secret meadow. Adorbs.

  2. Getting a glimpse into Bella’s mind is still his favorite part of the day. Summit Entertainment

    No one could forget the scene at the end of 'Breaking Dawn' where Bella puts her shield down and lets Edward into her mind and thoughts. After not being able to read her mind for years this broke down the last metaphorical wall that was up in their relationship. Even all these years later it still excites Edward each and every time Bella lets him in.

  3. He could be friendly with Jacob by now. Hey, anything’s possible! Summit Entertainment

    When Jacob imprinted on Renesmee in 'Breaking Dawn' it was, in a word, odd. After all, it’s not every day that a werewolf imprints on the daughter of a girl he’s dated. Awkward. At the end of the book it was strongly implied that Edward accepts Jacob; whether as a friend, soon to be son-in-law, or simply someone who’s not competing for Bella’s heart is TBD, but we’ll take what we can get.

  4. He’s a dad, without dad bod. Summit Entertainment

    Another plus of being married to an immortal vampire? He will keep his abs no matter how old he gets. We know that he’s the greatest dad ever to Renesmee and we’re sure that he’d be the hot dad that all of her friends have crushes on.

  5. He is totally overprotective. Summit Entertainment

    We’ve already established that Edward is definitely the hot husband and dad, but he is also the overprotective one. He doesn’t care if Renesmee grew up at warp speed or if Bella is a vampire now, he’s still obsessive about keeping his family safe.

  6. We’re sure he’s taken Bella and Renesmee to Isle Esme at least a few times in the last ten years. Summit Entertainment

    The spot of the most perfect honeymoon known to man (or vampire) kind – up until the end of it that is — is sure to be a favorite vacation destination for the Cullen clan. Just imagine how gorgeous the family pictures would be.

  7. He still thinks that family is number one. Summit Entertainment

    The little amount of time that he has left after hanging out with Bella and Renesmee is spent with his adoptive family. We picture him reading with Carlisle, helping Esme in the house, letting loose with his brothers, and supporting his sisters. Is there anything hotter than a guy who is close to his family?

  8. He’s probably just as romantic as ever. Summit Entertainment

    I mean who could ever forget about the time he told Bella You are my life now and I don’t have the strength to stay away from you. Well, luckily for Edward, he hasn’t had to stay away from Bella at all in the last ten years. We won’t talk about that brief horrible time in 'New Moon' when he tried to kill himself in Italy because he thought Bella was dead. He left to give Bella a great life! Rosalie gave him false information! It wasn’t his fault! Ten years has not lessened the blow of that plot line, if you can’t tell.

  9. He's a trendsetter. Summit Entertainment

    Remember that time he rocked Ray Bans before it was cool to rock Ray Bans? Yeah, well we're sure that he’s started all other kinds of trends in the last ten years. Alice, Rosalie, and maybe even fashion blogs are all part of his trendy research.

  10. He’s Bella’s first love and that means everything. Summit Entertainment

    Edward loved Bella from the moment he saw her. He changed her (literally and figuratively) in their years together and is no doubt just as loyal, loving, and devoted as he’s always been.