The 10 Vilest Green Lantern Villains - Ever

10 Vilest Green Lantern Villains Ever

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Green Lantern isn’t exactly known for his Rogue’s Gallery. Unlike, say, Spider-Man, or Batman, you could ask the casual comic book fan who Green Lantern’s biggest enemy is, and they’d probably come up with, The color yellow? Even if Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and the rest haven’t necessarily racked up that many arch-enemies, they do have a few – and they’re awful (on purpose). Here’s ten of the worst:

10. Hector Hammond

A big giant floating, drooling head with psychic powers, Hammond is in love with Hal Jordan’s sometimes girlfriend Carol Ferris. Able to invade memories, and force his way into your mind, Hammond is disgustingly physically – and mentally.

9. Larfleeze

It should probably be pointed out that Geoff Johns – more than any other Green Lantern writer – has worked hard to repudiate the no Rogues Gallery thing we said before by creating a Rogues Gallery for the Green Lanterns. Larfleeze is one of the more recent, the lone Orange Lantern. An alien with some serious parental issues, Larfleeze possesses the orange light of avarice, and able to create constructs out of the other beings he consumes.

8. Atrocitus

The leader of the Red Lanterns, and a seer who predicted the recent Blackest Night event, Atrocitus is able to spit acidic blood onto his enemies, besides looking gross and having super sharp teeth. The trifecta!

7. Lyssa Drak

We could spend all day listing horrific members of the Sinestro Corps, the antithesis of the Green Lantern Corps, who thrive on the yellow light of fear. But instead, we’ll pick some of the most terrifying. Lyssa Drak is formerly the Keeper of the Book of Parallax, which holds tales of Sinestro Corps. Now, though, she holds the Book of the Black, which is able to trap even the most powerful beings in its pages, forcing them to relive their greatest fears over and over again.

6. Kryb

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A horrifying looking member of The Sinestro Corps, Kryb is able to open a cage on her back, which she uses to transport babies she’s stolen. After killing their parents. She then assumes the role of their protector and parent… Possibly. We’ve never really seen her take care of any babies. Also, she’s got J-horror hair. Nothing good ever came of that.

5. Parallax

The avatar of Fear, Parallax is the living embodiment of the yellow light. It inhabited the Green Lantern’s power battery for years, causing their weakness to the color yellow. It took over Hal Jordan, forcing him to nearly destroy the entire Universe. And it took the combined powers of every hero on Earth to defeat it. Also, again with the super sharp teeth. Gross.

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4. Black Hand

William Hand used to be a minor villain, possessing a device which allowed him to drain the power from Green Lantern’s rings. And then he killed himself. He came back to life with the ability to drain the life from any living thing, making his every touch deadly. Also, he’s insane, and will stop at nothing until all life is extinguished from the Universe. His master – Nekron – is supposed to be the big baddie in the recent Blackest Night crossover, but it’s Hand who is the true, terrifying threat.

3. Krona

Basically the cause of everything that’s ever gone wrong in the DC Universe, Krona is a renegade Guardian (the protectors of the Green Lanterns) who just wanted to see the Big Bang… And inadvertently created it. Ever plan he’s ever enacted has gotten him one step closer to understanding how the Universe works, usually by destroying it in the process.

2. Manhunters

Before The Guardians created the Green Lantern Corps, they created The Manhunters, unstoppable robots who patrolled the cosmos. Nothing ever has gone wrong with an enslaved robot army before though, right? After rebelling, and being nearly destroyed by the Guardians, the Manhunters have returned time and again, trying to destroy both the Green Lanterns, and all sentient life in the Universe.

1. Sinestro

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Hal Jordan’s archenemy used to be the greatest Green Lantern of them all… Until it turned out he had incarcerated his entire home planet, holding them hostage through fear, rather than hope and will. He has returned multiple times, always with the expressed purpose of making Hal – or the Green Lantern Corps – better than it is, by adding his own ideas into the mix. You know, killing, terror, and whatnot. There’s nothing more frightening than a villain who thinks he’s doing the right thing, no matter how wrong they are – and Sinestro is the worst.

Honorable Mention: Sportsmaster

One of the main villains who fought the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, Sportsmaster was a master of sports. Seriously. We should also mention he was the inadvertent creator of one of Alan Scott’s other arch-enemies, the Made of Wood Killer, after he watched Sportsmaster defeated Green Lantern with a wooden baseball bat. Fun times.

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