'The 100' Characters, Ranked By Awfulness

100characters Ranked Awfulness

The CW's ' The 100 ' does a beautiful job of merging the 'good' guys with the 'bad' guys, graying the area of what makes a true villain. Some characters are obviously evil, while others just do evil things .

So as we begin the countdown until the Season 3 premiere (only 37 more days!), we need to mentally prepare ourselves for the sure-to-be bloodshed and all around awfulness that's in store. That's because over the past two seasons, we've seen some truly wicked deeds happen. *Cough* Mount Weather *Cough*

With that in mind, we decided to rank the worst of the worst when it comes to characters on the show, and cross our fingers they've learned from their mistakes -- and won't break our hearts, again. (Well, the ones who survived Season 2, that is.)

  1. Clarke Griffin Cate Cameron / The CW

    Yes, our beloved leader and heroine makes this list, but barely. Overall, Clarke is a genuinely good person, except for that time she kept quiet about the missile she knew was going to hit her people in Tondc. Oh, and she did end up killing innocent men, women and children by exposing them to radiation. I totally get that Clarke was put in a super difficult position, but because so many people died in the explosion, leaving her off this list felt dishonorable.

  2. Bellamy Blake Diyah Pera / The CW

    Although Bellamy is one of the 'good guys,' he's still done some messed up s--t on the show. Remember when he brutally tortured Lincoln in Season 1? He shoved a spike through his hand and used a seat belt to whip the Grounder. Or, how about the time he kicked the bucket out from underneath John Murphy's feet, almost hanging him for a crime he didn't actually commit? Bellamy murdered several guards at Mount Weather (eh, whatever) but he also helped Clarke expose all of Mount Weather to radiation, subsequently killing them.

  3. Anya Cate Cameron / The CW

    This Grounder wasn't a horrible person, but she did put the Sky People through hell in Season 1. She kidnapped Clarke and Finn and threatened to slaughter Finn if Clarke couldn't heal Tris. No pressure or anything. Although her run on Season 2 was short-lived, she did have her moments that made you go, '#Rude.' She saved Clarke only to take her prisoner and beat the crap out of her in an extended fight scene.

  4. Indra Cate Cameron / The CW

    One of Lexa's righthand soldiers continuously attempted to murder Lincoln and Octavia, as well as the Sky People in general. Seriously, she's threatened so many people's lives, it's hard to keep track. Indra also didn't hesitate to slice open Raven after believing she was the one who poisoned Gustus.

  5. John Murphy Cate Cameron / The CW

    While he managed to redeem himself in Season 2, Season 1 Murphy was a holy terror. After almost being hung for Charlotte's crime, Murphy seriously wouldn't shut up about killing her. He later kidnapped Clarke, tried hanging Bellamy, shot Raven, smothered Connor and Myles and took Jasper as a hostage.

  6. Dante Wallace Cate Cameron / The CW

    The official leader of Mount Weather actually wasn't that bad. Sure, he was a liar and a kidnapper, but he was vehemently against forcing the Sky People to give up their blood to his people; he wanted a more humane way. BUT, he did sometimes side with his son Cage and Dr. Tsing, and he was ultimately in charge of the entire facility, so he's not getting off the hook that easily. He also helped set up the traitorous alliance with Lexa, sealing the imprisoned Sky People's fate.

  7. Finn Collins Diyah Pera / The CW

    Sorry, but we have to include Finn on here. He massacred tons of innocent men, women and children. His reasoning made sense — he thought the people had Clarke — but his actions were reprehensible, and they ultimately got him killed.

  8. Thelonious Jaha Cate Cameron / The CW

    As the Commander on the Ark, he ordered thousands of people to be floated, aka tossed out into space without any protective gear. Many of the people he subsequently murdered were good people who really didn't do anything terribly wrong. Exhibit A: Murphy's father was floated for stealing extra medicine to heal his sick son. He also doesn't seem to particularly care that he killed these people, which makes it even more evil. Although Thelonious was better behaved in Season 2, he did throw Richards into the sea monster-infested water without a moment's hesitation, in order to save himself and Murphy.

  9. Marcus Kane Carole Segal / The CW

    Ugh, Kane tried to float practically everyone in Season 1. He almost murdered Abby Griffin, until Thelonious saved her. Furthermore, he was part of the decision-making team who sent the 100 delinquents to Earth in the first place. He displayed sociopathic tendencies, meaning he didn't seem to have a working conscience. In Season 2, he had Abby flogged and tried to be the big guy in charge the moment he landed on Earth. Kane later revealed he actually does have feelings, and started trying to work with his people instead of against them.

  10. Lexa Diyah Pera / The CW

    If you heard a loud noise on March 11, 2015, that was just the collective sound of everyone's hearts shattering into a million pieces after Lexa betrayed Clarke and the rest of the Sky People. She made a shady deal with Mount Weather to rescue her people, and leave Clarke's people to die a painful death. Whyyyy, Lexa?!

  11. Carl Emerson The CW

    A lieutenant in the Mount Weather Guard, Emerson is as callous as they come. He didn't care how much pain the Sky People and Grounders were in as they forcibly had their blood drained. He also helped pull that hazmat suit business with Maya, which was all kinds of messed up.

  12. Cage Wallace The CW

    While the Mount Weather leader was a horrible, horrible dude, he still retained some sense of humanity. For example, he was visibly upset when his father was killed, and even he said, 'She's in pain, I'm bringing her in,' about Keenan Mykulak's radiation exposure. BUT, that doesn't excuse the fact he turned people into reapers and got them hooked on the red drug. He mercilessly killed tons of Sky People and Grounders to help save his people. Cage tortured Raven Reyes in front of her friends — including Kyle Wick — and he put Abby on the 'operating' table to make Clarke watch her mother suffer.

  13. Dr. Lorelei Tsing The CW

    If you were to look up the definition of 'heartless' in the dictionary, you'd definitely find Dr. Tsing's name. She behaved as a type of female Josef Mengele, operating on innocent people, putting them through unimaginable pain and torture and felt nothing while she did it. This woman was simply evil and saw anyone who wasn't part of Mount Weather's people as lab rats for the taking. Oh, and it was Dr. Tsing who made Keenan Mykulak stay outside and die an excruciating death from radiation exposure. That scene was hard to watch, and yet the suffering girl's cries fell on Dr. Tsing's deaf ears.


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