'The 100' Season 3 Is Almost Here — 18 Burning Questions We Need Answered STAT

100season 3 Is Almost Here 18 Burning Questions We Need Answered Stat

When we last saw ' The 100 ,' Mount Weather was destroyed, the Grounders returned home and Clarke left the Compound because she couldn't deal with the guilt of what she'd done to get her people back.

With Season 3 premiering on The CW Jan. 21, we're counting down the days until we're reunited with Clarke, Bellamy, Lexa and the rest of our faves. Fans of the show have been having ship wars for #Clexa and #Bellarke, but there might be a new Clarke pairing this season.

And with that being said, we want to know who she is, along with the answers to these other vital questions. Thanks in advance, Jason Rothenberg , who we assume will directly answer all of these questions for us!

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  1. Why, Lexa, WHY?! The CW

    Lexa betrayed Clarke and ditched the Sky People so she could save the imprisoned Grounders from a gruesome fate at the hands of Mount Weather's leaders. They went over the master plan and it was (probably) going to work, but then Lexa saw her shot and was all, 'LOL, sorry, Clarke. Peace.' Will Clarke be able to eventually forgive Lexa, let alone ever trust her again?

  2. What was that sea monster and where did it come from? The CW

    After Jaha tossed Craig overboard to save himself and Murphy from drowning, a big-ass sea monster 'jumped' up and ate Craig whole. Seriously, this reminded me of those prehistoric monsters from 'Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.' Where did that thing even come from, and are there more of them swimming willy-nilly in the water?

  3. Who was the hologram woman Jaha encountered? The CW

    She said her name was Alie, but what's her deal? How'd she come to be a hologram, and why did she desperately need Jaha's help? She said they received Jaha's 'gift,' which was the missile he used to travel down to Earth and a nuclear warhead. Yeah, that can't be good.

  4. What's with the feud between Bellamy and Octavia? The CW

    The siblings have always been close, but we saw Octavia punching her big bro in the face in the Season 3 trailer , telling him, 'You are dead to me.' Whoa. What caused this 180 degree change in attitude?

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  5. Where has Clarke been since leaving the Compound and all of her people? Cate Cameron / The CW

    We know she's now a redhead and been living in isolation and incognito for several months, according to TV Guide . But where has she been hiding? Specifics would be nice.

  6. Also, who's Clarke's new lady friend? Cate Cameron / The CW

    Clexa shippers be warned: Clarke has a new woman in her life, a trading post worker. Entertainment Weekly suggests it could be Niylah (shown above), but I guess we won't know for certain until the premiere. Also, what's gonna happen with Bellarke?

  7. Who was the dude on the video Murphy watched? The CW

    In the bunker Murphy stumbled upon, he watched a tape of some mysterious dude offing himself while apologizing. The suicide took place in the same location, on May 10, 2052 (aka the year of the nuclear war), according to the tape's timestamp. In the video, the mystery boy said, 'I tried to stop her, but I lost control. She got the launch codes. It was her. She did it. But it was my fault.' I think Justin Bieber said it best when he said, 'What do you mean?' For real though, what is even happening here?

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  8. Who moved the mystery boy's body? The CW

    Since the suicide occurred in the same place Murphy's sitting when he watched the tape, where did the body go? Did someone force him to commit suicide, film it and then get rid of the body? If so, why bother with the tape? Who else knew the bunker was even there?

  9. Also, why was music playing in the bunker before Murphy got there? The CW

    It didn't seem like the music was just background tunes for the show, because the sound gets louder as Murphy delves deeper into the bunker, as he gets closer to the source of the music itself. But, no one else was in the bunker, so who pressed play? And how long had the music been playing?

  10. Do Lincoln and Octavia get a break for once? Cate Cameron / The CW

    This poor couple have been put through the ringer since the moment they met. First, their love was seen as traitorous by both the Sky People and the Grounders. Then, Lincoln was kidnapped and turned into a reaper. All in all, the two had to put up with a lot of crap from people and fight in a huge war. Odds are, things will only get worse.

  11. How's Jasper holding up after losing Maya? Cate Cameron / The CW

    Jasper was in pretty bad shape at the end of Season 2. His friend (and more-than-friend) Maya died a horrible and painful death after she was exposed to radiation. Will Jasper forgive his BFF Monty for helping to release the radiation into the air? Judging by his new, gaunt appearance in Season 3 previews, we're gonna go out on a limb and assume he's not doing so hot.

  12. What's happening with Raven? Cate Cameron / The CW

    She's a badass, through and through. Raven was shot, sliced open and drilled into, yet she still managed to get the job done. The mechanic also had some ~romantic~ moments with Kyle Wick during Season 2. Are they going to become an actual couple this season or will Raven push him away and focus on the war and job at hand instead?

  13. Are Abby and Marcus an official couple? The CW

    They were smooching in the Season 3 trailer so are they all in now? Their history is dark, with Marcus trying to kill Abby and whatnot. They did have those sweet moments scattered out during Season 2, though.

  14. What happened to the Dead Zone family that betrayed Jaha? Katie Yu / The CW

    When we last saw them, the parents sold out Jaha for a horse to help them get to the City of Light. Did they ever make it there?

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  15. Plus, what even is the City of Light? Katie Yu / The CW

    Is it real? According to Jaha in the Season 3 trailer, it is. So, does that mean the mansion and Alie are the key to the City of Light?

  16. Who is Rowan? Cate Cameron / The CW

    We know he's played by 'Black Sails' and 'Shameless' actor Zach McGowan, but that's about it. He fights someone (Lexa, perhaps?) in the Season 3 trailer, and proves he has some moves. Is he on the good guys' side?

  17. What's ultimately going to happen with the Ice Queen? Cate Cameron / The CW

    We learned back in summer 2015 former 'Desperate Housewives' actress Brenda Strong will play Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, but what's her agenda? The villains on 'The 100' seem to get more ruthless each season, so I'm sure the Ice Queen and her squad will make Cage and the Mountain Men look like angels. Brace yourself, Clarke. It's gonna be another bumpy ride.

  18. And finally, what's the story on Shawn Mendes ? https://twitter.com/jrothenbergtv/status/626411452996268032 According to his IMDb page , we know he's going to be in the first episode of Season 3, but will his character survive? He first tweeted at the show in Feb. 2015, asking if he could be on it. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg replied , 'Hell, yes. Give me a call at the office. Follow me and I'll DM you the number.' MTV News wrote about Mendes' upcoming appearance on the show and predicted he's going to die early on — because no one is truly safe on 'The 100.' Fingers crossed Mendes makes it out alive, but we won't know his fate until the premiere. Less than a month to go!