11 Badass Female Cartoons You Grew Up Watching

11 Badass Female Cartoons You Grew Up Watching

Girl power is the hot topic on this week's episode of ' Girl Code ,' with the ladies talking about their most influential female role models -- like their moms, for example. Family members are often our biggest role models, but there are plenty of role models from TV and movies too. We rounded up some of our favorite inspiring cartoon characters, in no particular order.

1. Kim Possible

Was there anything this girl couldn't do? She fought off evil villains but still made time for school and cheerleading practice. Talk about multitasking.

2. Susie Carmichael

The 'Rugrats' babies adored Susie, probably because she never purposely tried to scare or humiliate them -- like Angelica did on numerous occasions. Susie was always the voice of reason during Angelica's dramatic temper tantrums.

3. Daria Morgendorffer

Daria's witty sarcasm and DGAF attitude just made us love her even more. She genuinely didn't care what other people thought of her, and that's a lesson everyone struggles with.

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4. The Lizzie McGuire animation

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Lizzie's great because she knew how to fail. She made mistakes time and time again -- remember when she wore that fake nose ring and let some girl call her 'Frizz'? -- but she always apologized for her screw-ups.

5. Mulan


Uh, she took her father's place in the army and proceeded to kick everyone's butt. Sounds pretty badass to me.

6. Suga Mama

Suga Mama's sass was always on point. She was a little rude at times, yes, but she never watered down her opinion. People trusted her because of her brutal honesty. Also, she's a grandmother who does Tae Bo. How cool is that?!

7. Buttercup

Despite what the above GIF may lead you to believe, Buttercup was fiercely protective of her sisters. She was tough, assertive and not afraid to go after what she wanted. But the real reason she's a badass is because she knew when to step down and gracefully admit defeat -- a trait that helped the Powerpuff Girls defeat the Rowdyruff Boys.

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8. Sailor Moon

Girl knew how to get down to business. She was passionate about saving the world and inspired her Sailor Soldiers to feel the same way.

9. Eliza Thornberry

Eliza really, really, REALLY cared about animals and the environment -- and she was willing to do just about anything to protect them.

10. Velma Dinkley

There's no denying the fact that Velma was super-smart -- but I'm not talking about just her book smarts here. Velma is street smart, too. She used her intelligence to get her gang out of sticky situations more than anyone else on the show did.

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11. Lilo Pelekai

At only seven years old, Lilo knew that family was her top priority in life. Even though all her so-called friends thought she was a weirdo -- they literally called her 'Wierdlo' -- she refused to shed her eccentric personality and oddball interests. Instead, she hung out with Stitch and continued to be her awesome, crazy self.

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