11 Costumes That Prove Ariana Grande Really Loves Halloween

11 Costumes That Prove Ariana Grande Really Loves Halloween

Ariana Grande 's love of Halloween is no secret—last year, for instance, she started dressing up over a month early . Two years ago, she dubbed Halloween her 'favorite holiday bar none,' on Instagram . The girl loves dressing up and, TBH, who can blame her?

In honor of Ariana's love of October 31, we've rounded up 11 costumes from years past, ranging from Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz to a, um, vampire cat.

  1. Angel https://instagram.com/p/u7aErXSWbA/?taken-by=arianagrande

    In 2014, Ariana went with a classic look, though her feathery wings were very elaborate.

  2. 'Stereotypical 20 year old girl in thigh highs and animal ears' https://instagram.com/p/gKneG7yWa9/?taken-by=arianagrande

    In 2013, Ariana wore three costumes. This look—including her trademark cat ears—was not one specific thing, but according to Ariana, the costume of a stereotypical 20-year-old.

  3. Cat/Vampire? https://instagram.com/p/gEYuTdSWc3/?taken-by=arianagrande

    Her second 2013 costume was equally as ~nebulous~, but included cat ears, drawn-on whiskers, and fangs.

  4. Regular vampire? https://instagram.com/p/gKk1EPSWYu/?taken-by=arianagrande

    Much like her other costumes, Ariana chose not to define this one, though between the fangs and blood, vampire seems like a pretty good guess?

  5. Tired, yet sexy, vampire? https://instagram.com/p/gIqhxQSWRi/?taken-by=arianagrande

    Though Ariana wrote that she only had three costumes in 2013, she shared this terrifying photo the same year, so...either she dresses like this on the regular or forgot about her pajama-wearing vampire.

  6. Chicken https://twitter.com/UnbrokenFate/status/390561223936208896

    Ariana also dressed as a chicken in 2013, though it was to surprise fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live and not to, like, collect candy.

  7. Jeannie https://twitter.com/halloweenGram/status/616118830302121984

    Somehow, there's more . For the Halloween episode of Sam & Cat in 2013, Ariana dressed as Jeannie (from 'I Dream Of Jeanne') and hung out with a monkey.

  8. Sad cat https://instagram.com/p/RcRHXZSWRZ/?taken-by=arianagrande

    In 2012, the costume store was closed by the time Ariana had a chance to go, so she go as a cat. Little does 2012 Ariana know, in years to come she'll dress as a cat on days that aren't even Halloween. Don't be sad, bb!

    rosa âmbar e wiz khalifa casado
  9. Jade West https://twitter.com/eluux/status/247561407690858496

    In 2011, Ariana and her Victorious costar, Liz Gillies, dressed up as each other's characters. I never thought I'd see Ariana Grande with an eyebrow piercing, so, thank you, Halloween.

  10. Dorothy https://instagram.com/p/7dY4M8sig7/?taken-by=frankiejgrande

    A younger Ariana dressed up as Dorothy, pigtails and all.

  11. Bride, I think? https://instagram.com/p/7V60IFsij9/?taken-by=frankiejgrande

    An even younger Ariana dressed in white tulle and while, sure, she could be a princess or ballerina, the caption includes ?, our only clue to the truth.

What will 2015 bring??!??! Odds are it will include fangs, blood, and cat ears, but maybe she'll change things up this year—we'll find out soon!