The 11 Craziest 'Harry Potter' Book Covers From Around The World

11 Craziestharry Potterbook Covers From Around World

The 'Harry Potter' books are (rightfully) beloved all around the world, and this world is a strange and marvelous place — filled with beautifully unique cultures, all with a slightly different take on art. Therefore, some of the Potter book covers are... different... than the Scholastic ones we're used to seeing here in the U.S. Some are childlike and cartoonish, some are avant-garde, and some are just downright terrifying, yet still really, really fun to look at. Let's hop on our brooms and take a trip around the world, shall we?

Harry Potter and the Giant Rat Hat.

Salani Editore

This Italian cover is undoubtedly one of the strangest you will ever see. If there was a chapter in 'Sorcerer's Stone' where Harry forlornly played chess with a giant rat wearing a handkerchief while also wearing a giant rat hat himself, then I must have missed it. Which is a bummer, because that sounds pretty trippy.

Harry Potter and the Soul-Sucking 9-to-5.


This Icelandic cover depicts the scene in 'Sorcerer's Stone' where Harry has a vision of his future midlife crisis, and decides to jump in front of the Hogwart's Express.

Harry Potter and the Noses From The Movie 'Witches'


The Finnish covers reveal what Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked like pre-nose job.

Harry Potter and the Weird Sisters


This is the part where our favorite trio got cast in the Hogwarts production of 'The Crucible.'

Harry Potter and the Terrifying Merpeople Who Will Haunt Your Dreams


The Danish covers are pretty damn cool, but also terrifying, and very adult. 'Goblet of Fire' wins, mostly due to the boy on the left-hand side who knows where you sleep and is going to find you.

Harry Potter and the Creatures From Below

M.S. Corley

M.S. Corley's fan covers are all pretty great, though 'Half-Blood Prince' brings back memories of the 'Tale of the Water Demons' episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'.

Harry Potter and the Stark Reminder of Your Own Mortality


Yeesh, Bloomsbury U.K. — bleak, much?

Harry Potter and Khaleesi's Dragon

Ien Van Laanen

This Dutch 'Deathly Hallows' cover is beautifully drawn, and definitely answers the question 'Where are my dragons?'

Harry Potter and the Legs


This Swedish 'Sorcerer's Stone' cover has a lot going on, but I can't stop focusing on the fact that it looks like Harry has some sort of muscle atrophy on his legs.

Harry Potter and Olmec's Temple


Japan's covers are gorgeous, if a little abstract. Wonderful use of color.



Again, great use of color on the German covers, and I love that they included Padfoot. But why are you staring at me, Harry?!