11 Fake Nickelodeon Products You Still Wish Were Real

11 Fake Nickelodeon Products You Still Wish Were Real

The Dan Schneider universe jump-started the careers of Drake Bell , Josh Peck , Miranda Cosgrove , Ariana Grande , and others, but it also gave us some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at life) knockoff brands known to mankind. Need a Pintendo GS? Drake & Josh has you covered. In the market for a Sham-Pow? Look no further than iCarly .

Excluding all the faux products on The Amanda Show — because while Popper Pants are hilarious, they're not directly parodying an actual product — here are some of the fictional items and brands you still want need to be real.

[ Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom. ]

  1. The Pear Company Nickelodeon

    The Pear Company was a parody of the Apple Company that sold PearPhones, PearBooks, PearPads, and, of course, iPears. The fake company even parodied itself, showing off a BananaBook on an episode of Sam & Cat .

  2. GameSphere Nickelodeon

    Forget the GameCube. Josh’s grammy sent him the coveted GameSphere as a gift on Drake & Josh , and we’ve been wanting to play that bad boy since 2004. It's spherical! SPHERICAL!

  3. TekMate Nickelodeon

    These smartphones on Zoey 101 existed before iPhones and Androids. Back in 2006, when the TekMate was first 'introduced,' it was a total ripoff of the T-Mobile Sidekick II.

  4. Nifty Shades of Beige Nickelodeon

    While Gibby’s brother, Guppy, hung out at Funk E. Fester’s — a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's — and waited for Spencer to quit goofing off on iCarly , he started reading Nifty Shades of Beige . We’re not his parents, but that Fifty Shades of Grey knockoff seems a tad inappropriate for a kid.

  5. AAAA Nickelodeon

    When you have car trouble, you call AAA. But if you live in Drake & Josh ’s universe, you call AAAA. Mrs. Hayfer gave the fake company a ring to help get her car out of her classroom after (spoiler!) Mindy put it in there. This fake brand is totally a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

  6. Pee Wee Babies Nickelodeon

    Remember when Carly dated bad boy Griffin on iCarly ? She was totally smitten with him — and so were we — until she learned he was an avid collector of Pee Wee Babies, a knockoff of Beanie Babies.

  7. Wanko’s Warehouse Nickelodeon

    Ikea, who? The Hollywood Arts gang from Victorious took on Wanko’s Warehouse during a mega-sale, and we def wanted in on their deals. (We hope Wanko’s stuff was easier to put together than Ikea's.)

  8. Quinndows QP Nickelodeon

    Since no one seemed to like Windows XP back in the day, maybe Quinn Pensky’s Quinndows QP would fare better? Zoey begged Quinn for the computer operating system as part of a never-ending favor chain on Zoey 101 , but Quinn confessed Mark Del Figgalo spilled clam juice (huh?) on her hard drive, and dreams were now dead. Womp womp.

  9. Build-a-Bra Nickelodeon

    iCarly was totally on to something with its Build-A-Bear parody. Who wouldn't want to build a bra that glows in the dark?

  10. The Gary Coleman Grill Nickelodeon

    The George Foreman Grill was so 2004. Thanks to Drake & Josh , our appliance of choice was the Gary Coleman Grill, also known as the grill that plays music. What more could a person ever need in life?

  11. Jupiter Boots Nickelodeon

    On Victorious , Cat proudly showed off her fancy Jupiter Boots, a.k.a. the poor man’s Moon Shoes, and made jumping up and down all the live-long day actually look like fun. And after bouncing around for so long, she'd probably worked up an appetite for Bibble , a knockoff of popcorn.