11 GIFs That Explain Why Anna Kendrick's New Boyfriend Is The Red Panda

11 Gifs That Explain Why Anna Kendricks New Boyfriend Is Red Panda

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Anna Kendrick is an Oscar-nominated actress, gifted singer, and world-class empress of Twitter, but there's one title she'd still really, really like to add to her resume: red panda wrangler.

In an appearance on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers,' Anna described spending Christmas Day at the Prospect Park Zoo, where she encountered her soulmate in the form of the red panda, a.k.a. the red cat-bear, a.k.a. the cutest mammal that will ever exist in this earthly realm.

'I'm so obsessed with them now that I've seen one in person, I started to reimagine my whole life, like, what do I have to do, how badly do I have to sell out, to be rich enough to buy a red panda?' she said.


The thing is, somewhere, someone is reading this who has no idea what the actress is talking about -- some deprived, tragic, ignorant person who simply cannot understand why Anna Kendrick would be so obsessed with a red panda, whatever the @#$% that is . So, for that person, we've rounded up eleven red pandas who completely explain the Red Panda/Anna Kendrick Love Affair, just so that person doesn't have to suffer even one second more in their sad, empty, red-panda-less existence. You are welcome, That Person.

  1. This pouncing panda demonstrates the red panda's amazing... uh, agility.
  2. This red panda is practicing his best table manners.
  3. This panda wants to show you how cute his tongue is, a.k.a. SUPER CUTE.
  4. This one knows you like the way his ears twitch.
  5. This one just cannot with this orange gourd, OHMYGOD.
  6. This panda is the world's most adorable thief.
  7. This one knows he's got swag.
  8. This red panda wants so badly to be creepy, but he just... can't... do it.
  9. This panda is just looking for a little balance in life, you know.
  10. This panda knows he looks even more luscious and furry against a snowy backdrop.
  11. And finally, here's a red panda who just wants to spend all day doing his two favorite things: chewing on a stick, and gazing lovingly into your eyes. But, y'know, mostly the chewing.