11 GIFs That Prove Skyler White Was The Realest On 'Breaking Bad'

11 Gifs That Prove Skyler White Was Realest Onbreaking Bad

Even though Walter White wound up being a cold, manipulative criminal who killed people, committed a home invasion on his ex, got his own brother-in-law killed, kidnapped his infant daughter, and ultimately left his wife and children uprooted and ostracized from their home throughout the events of ' Breaking Bad ,' there are still a lot of people who find him more likable than his wife, Skyler White.

Why? Well, we kinda don't know. Skyler's reactions to all the bonkers things that happened to her -- and they did happen to her, since it was Walt who got everyone into all the blue rock business -- were pretty normal. OK, OK, so the kitchen knife incident was completely inexcusable and that time she said she was waiting for the cancer to come back was totally effed up. But otherwise? We're seeing a lotta nod-worthy behavior here.

And since today (Tuesday, August 11) just so happens to be actress Anna Gunn 's birthday -- quick, Walt Jr., whip up the bacon-eggs breakfast plate -- we decided to commemorate all the times Skyler was just keeping it real.

  1. When she tried the fair warning approach. AMC

    Bless her, Skyler had an early inkling that her former do-gooder hubby Walt was up to no good when he started keeping company with Jesse Pinkman (and she was right, of course). So, she tried to take matters into her own hands and have a chat with the kid and persuade him to stop selling marijuana to Mr. White or else she'd dial up her DEA brother-in-law so fast ... Of course, Sky had no clue that (1) they were into the hard stuff, not grass, and (2) Jesse was smack dab in the middle of moving the body of a man her husband helped kill when she strolled up. Oops.

  2. When she finally put the kibosh on Heisenberg's obsolete logic. AMC

    There was a time when Walter White was just an earnest high school science teacher who worked part-time at a car wash and started looking for a way to absolve his family of endless medical debt by way of New Mexico's meth-loving underbelly. But that time came and went pretty quickly on 'Breaking Bad' as W2 adopted the Heisenberg persona as his own for no other reason than he liked the bad life so much he didn't want to go back to slinging bunsen burners anymore. And when Skyler shot down his long-tired excuse for dealing the wake-up call was way overdue.

  3. When she excused herself from the table like so. AMC


  4. When she totally dropped the act. AMC

    Like Walt, Skyler started out sweet but wound up completely jaded by the crap hand life gave the White family and the even crappier shuffle Walt did to it by way of the drug biz. So, when Sky finally stopped pretending all was well and owned up to her reality, she was better for it.

  5. When she finally let her sister have it. AMC

    Marie was nice and all, but she had a tendency to ramble on even when she was way off base. When this was said, it was well-deserved.

  6. When she had enough talky and took a random dip instead. AMC

    As her family picnicked like all was right in the world, Skyler knew better and had enough of the noise. So, she zipped her lips and went for a swim fully clothed because it made just as much sense as doing absolutely anything else in her situation.

  7. When she ran. AMC

    Walt snatched baby Holly from her very arms and took off with her, which resulted in Skyler running with every ounce of her strength on full tilt.

  8. When she reminded Walt that he was the one who knocked. AMC

    Somewhere in the twisted mind of Walter White (R.I.P., BTW), he did believe that he was protecting his family from stuff, like chemo bills and, eventually, the bad guys who'd exact revenge on them for his string of wrongdoings. But even when his intentions were good, he was still causing soooo many more problems for them than he was preventing/solving. Truth.

  9. When she just called it like it was with Walt. AMC

    What's the point of beating around the bush anymore?

  10. When she showed Walt the sum of his new life's work. AMC

    So. Much. Money. What else could anyone possibly need?

  11. When she let him say goodbye to Holly, despite everything. AMC

    Grace. Pure grace.