The 11 Greatest Evil Monkeys In TV And Movie History, Ranked

11 Greatest Evil Monkeys Tv

On Tuesday night's (May 5) episode of ' The Flash ,' Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and co. finally faced one of DC Comics' most legendary foes -- Gorilla Grodd, a hateful primate who was given superhuman intelligence after a particle accelerator blast did something science-like. It was a great episode, and Grodd was undoubtedly terrifying, but where does he rank within TV and movies' long list of great simian villains? Can he really compete with the likes of Koba and King Kong? Keep on reading to find out!

  1. King Kong, 'King Kong' Universal Pictures

    The most famous monkey in cinema history isn't in last place because of his sheer terror factor or cultural impact, but because he wasn't really evil -- just tremendously misunderstood and abused by humans. But he still killed people, so he belongs on this list.

  2. Spanky, 'Middleman' ABC Family

    Spanky may have been on an ABC Family show, but he still murdered people and quoted mob movies like 'Scarface' and 'Goodfellas' like a boss.

  3. Evil Monkey, 'Family Guy' Fox

    His name is literally evil monkey -- what more do you need to know?

    A lot, actually -- E.M. proved that appearances can be deceiving when he revealed that he's not so much evil as in a really 'bad place' after the collapse of his career and marriage. Still, it's pretty evil to reside in one's closet without paying rent.

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  4. The Flying Monkeys, 'The Wizard of Oz' Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

    These guys weren't so much evil on their own as they were mindless minions, but they still wreaked a ton of havoc on the lives of innocent dogs and humans.

  5. Mojo Jojo, 'The Powerpuff Girls' Warner Bros. Pictures

    The fact that he often got bested by three tiny tots knocks him down a few pegs, but Jojo was undeniably manically evil.

  6. Dr. Zaius, 'Planet of the Apes' 20th Century Fox

    Zaius might not be as outwardly terrifying as some of the newer 'Apes' franchise villains, but the OG bad guy was still an intellectual mind f--k who loved enslaving humans and threatened Charlton Heston with castration.

  7. Ella, 'Monkey Shines' Orion Pictures

    Ella was physically very adorable, but she also murdered people with fire, electricity, and syringes full of barbiturates, so.

  8. Gorilla Grodd, 'The Flash' The CW

    Grodd was terrifying not only because of his size, but because he could control your freaking mind -- and when he did so, he might have just tried to make you commit suicide. Casual.

  9. The Killer Apes of Zinj, 'Congo' Paramount Pictures

    These apes turned on and murdered their masters, then trained generations to come to defend the Lost City of Zinj by murdering the crap out of any human who happened to walk on by. Not great.

  10. Link, 'Link' Universal

    The thing about Link that made him so terrifying was his sexually violent nature -- this whole movie is about Link, who is extremely intelligent, trying to become dominant over a beautiful young grad student played by Elisabeth Shue. He managed to kill her boss and convince her that the old scientist just went away, leaving Shue's character completely alone in the countryside with a sexually aggressive ape that wanted to have sex with her. There's even a bathtub scene, so if rape culture plus monkeys is your thing, definitely check out 'Link.'

  11. Koba, 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Fox

    No disrespect to Ronan the Accuser, but 'Dawn of Apes' star Koba was clearly the summer of 2014's greatest villain. Koba will go down in history not only for Toby Kebbell's stunning motion capture performance, but for his chilling -- yet almost understandable -- hatred for all humanity, his gift for manipulation, and his access to machine guns. Koba awoke a very human fear of chaotic violence in moviegoers worldwide, and one can only hope that his particular brand of evil made people think about how they treat those that they perceive to be the 'other.'