The 11 Hottest 'Walking Dead' Zombies

11 Hottestwalking Deadzombies

'The Walking Dead' has rightfully earned its place in television gore history, largely due to the work of makeup and special effects legend Greg Nicotero . From Bicycle Girl to Well Walker to Jawless-Lady and back again, the show has created enough zombie horrors to fuel a lifetime of bloody nightmares.

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However, we at MTV News feel that not enough respect has been given to some of the sexier Walkers on this show. True, 'peasant blouse girl' is never going to get the same amount of attention as that lump of watery decomposed flesh they met in the food bank a couple of weeks back, but she still deserves her time in the sun -- because she's pretty!

So, in honor of life being one giant beauty contest even once it's over, here are the 11 sexiest Walkers from 'The Walking Dead':

11. Hot Facial Hair Walker


The Walker all the way to the right clearly maintained his meticulously groomed facial hair post-apocalypse. That, his jawline, and the casually unbuttoned shirt make him a shoo-in for this list.

10. Soldier Walker


He fought for his country (or at least the Atlanta part of his country) and probably looked damn good doing it. We're glad Rick put him down before he decomposed like these nasty season five Walkers we've seen strutting about.

9. Amy Harrison


Amy was only dead for a matter of seconds before she was mercifully put out of her post-life misery by her sister Andrea, so naturally she maintained her angelic good looks in her final moments. All that really changed was the bloodshot eyes.

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8. Peasant Blouse Walker


Just your typical, gorgeous Southern belle. I bet she was voted prom queen before her life ended horrifically.

7. Peasant Blouse Walker's Friend


They say that hot girls travel in packs. This sexy, post-life duo proves that theory from beyond the grave.

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6. Merle Dixon


Sure, Daryl gets all the love, but Michael Rooker's Merle maintained his brand of redneck, manly-man hot until his glorious end.

5. Atlanta Suit Walker


Atlanta Suit Walker is a legend in the 'Walking Dead' dead-verse. His style was impeccable, his bed-head hair actually worked, and many people thought that he was actually played by Jim Carrey.

4. Bratz Doll Walker


Those big, beautiful eyes and that long, flowing hair probably earned this lady a fair amount of suitors before she bit the big one.

3. Michonne's Pet #1


No offense to Pet-on-the-Right, but Pet-on-the-Left was definitely that hot, southern pseudo-hipster who threw all of the best dorm parties. RIP, man.

2. Jenny Jones

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Morgan's wife was quite the looker. No wonder he wasn't able to 'clear' her until it became absolutely 100 percent necessary.

1. Shane Walsh


True, he was kind of a prick. But Shane was #bae until Carl put that bullet through his brain, and he absolutely deserves his spot on this list.