11 People Have Already Been Shot And Killed By Police In 2016

11 People Have Already Been Shot

Though we're just days into 2016, police have already shot and killed 11 people, The Washington Post reports .

The Post is continuing its ambitious, well-documented project to count every person killed in police shootings. The results from last year are unsurprisingly chilling: The outlet's 'final tally' for 2015 found that 'police shot and killed 986 people that year.' Per the paper:

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Over the past year, The Post found that the vast majority of those shot and killed by police were armed and half of them were white. Still, police killed blacks at three times the rate of whites when adjusted for the populations where these shootings occurred. And although black men represent 6 percent of the U.S. population, they made up nearly 40 percent of those who were killed while unarmed.

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Comprehensive databases that the Post and Guardian have created to count police shootings have been regarded by many as the most accurate tracking systems for such incidences. They've also contributed to widespread criticism of the FBI, especially since the agency has had trouble incentivizing local authorities to report police shootings, leading to a lack of accurate, organized information. In October, FBI director James Comey called it 'unacceptable and embarrassing' that media outlets have done a better job tracking police shootings than his own agency.

Since then, the FBI has vowed to create a better system for tallying these violent incidences. But it's going to take more than just databases to fix the underlying issues associated with police brutality and second amendment fervor: It's estimated that gun violence has already killed at least 147 people in 2016.