The 11 Physically Strongest Disney Characters Of All Time

11 Physically Strongest Disney Characters All Time

Disney's been around for a really long time, so they've created a lot of characters for a lot of movies and shows. Some of them are smart, and some are brave, and some are just HUGE. We went through Disney's extensive catalogue and made the tough calls on the toughest dudes in the Magic Kingdom...

  1. Quasimodo

    The hunchback of Notre Dame toiled away and worked for most of his sad little life, but that gave him some massive forearms and the agility of a jungle cat. Good thing this guy has such a positive attitude and a heart full of love, 'cause we definitely wouldn't want to arm wrestle him.

  2. Tarzan

    if you spent your whole life eating healthy food and doing gymnastics, maybe you'd be as physically fit as Tarzan is. He has the strength of an ape, and the looks of a leading man. What he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in rippling cartoon muscles. Tarzan would take you down and then swing home in time for afternoon bananas.

  3. Mr. Incredible

    Try hurting him, just try. (You can't.) He's a superhero and can take just about anything you throw at him. Get in the way of him and his family, and you are in for a world of hurt.

  4. Gaston

    No one eats like Gaston, no one... yeah, yeah, we get it. This 'Beauty and the Beast' hunk has some serious guns on him. Royal a-hole? Check. Overall meanie? Yep. But he can tangle with the big boys for sure.

  5. Simba

    He's king of the pride, and a young strapping lion. He's got big sharp teeth and will protect his own at all costs. The good news? He only gets really mad at hunters and evil uncles.

  6. The Beast

    Apparently Belle likes them tall, dark and massive. Yeah, yeah, we know he's really a handsome prince, but a spell made him this hulking hairy mass, and that's all that matters. He's practically bursting out of the seams of his fancy suit and could tear you limb from limb ... but he won't, because he's really sweet. BARF!

  7. Baloo

    He's a bear, and bears are VERY strong. That's not just us talking; that's scientific fact. In 'The Jungle Book,' Baloo picks up tree trunks like they're toothpicks and sings like Harry Connick Jr. He's the real deal, but don't make him mad.

  8. Baymax

    He's a robot, so he's already ahead of the game. Slap on some reinforced armor and the ability to fly, and you have one tough cookie. As we saw in 'Big Hero 6,' his primary function is to scan for ailments and pain (nice work, Hiro), but he becomes a very powerful machine when he needs to and swoops in to save the day.

  9. Hercules

    He's a mythical demigod. What's that mean? Gods are strong and can make easy work of us mortals. Hercules juggles boulders and can tear mountains in half, which is good. He has to overcome a lot of obstacles to learn about life, and that's also a good thing.

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  10. Genie

    He's not only a genie, he's also your friend. Genie has a big, bulky physique and a badass chin strap beard, which is intimidating enough, but he also has control over time and space and can take any form he wishes. If that's not power, we don't know what is. It's a good thing he's so nice; otherwise you are tangling with the wrong dude.

  11. Chernabog

    We'll go out on a limb here and say that there's not much more powerful than a giant flying mountain demon. Chernabog first appeared in 'Fantasia' and hasn't really shown up since, but if he ever did ... look out. He can control the dead and most forces of evil, and if that weren't enough, check out those pecs. Don't piss this guy off.