11 Questions Pretty Little Liars Needs To Answer In Season 7

11 Questions Pretty Little Liars Needs Answer Season 7

Pretty Little Liars ended its sixth season with more questions than answers . Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Who killed Charlotte? Who's the new A, affectionately dubbed A-moji? Who's the 'he' coming for Alison in the flash-forward? (Although, at least we confirmed that Mrs. DiLaurentis was the one with the evil twin. Good job, PLL . You gave us one answer.)

While we have three long months to sit and contemplate our best, Reddit-ready tinfoil theories until Season 7, we still have a lot of questions. Mainly, who is this A.D. and why are we just hearing about this person now? Bear with us, PLL fans: There are quite a few questions and confusing plot holes to get through.

  1. Who is A.D.?

    In the final moments of the finale, the remaining Liars receive an ominous message from 'A.D.' Co-creator Marlene King has already confirmed that this enigmatic 'A.D.' is Uber A, but who the hell is this person? The only A.D. we know about is Alison DiLaurentis , and she committed herself to a psychiatric hospital where there is limited cell reception and zero Wi-Fi. (And frankly, we don't want to fall down that 'Ali is twin' rabbit hole again.) So who is A.D.? There are only two possibilities: Either this person is a DiLaurentis or a Drake. Last year, King revealed that by the end of the winter finale fans ' will pretty much know who or who's related to this big bad .' Key word: related. Given Uber A's initials (A.D.), we're sticking with our theory that this person is either a DiLaurentis or a Drake -- and personally, this writer is leaning towards Drake. After all, the Drakes are an entirely new cohort we know absolutely nothing about, so the possibilities for the writers are endless.

  2. Will A kill Hanna, or keep her around as bait? ABC Family

    There's no way Uber A is going to kill Hanna. Not only did we see Hanna in the flash-forward at the end of Season 6A -- that scene hasn't even happened yet -- but we also think A is a lot smarter than Hanna and Caleb thought he/she was. Uber A obviously knew about Hanna's little scheme. There's no way that someone that observant and that conniving wouldn't know when they were being played. That being said, Uber A will probably keep Hanna around for some fun and gAmes. We know Charlotte liked to play with her dolls, but we don't really know much about Uber A. Does he have the same sick fetish? Or will this A do something even more shocking?

  3. Are Mary Drake and Elliot connected to the A game at all?

    The finale made things very clear: Whatever Mary Drake and Elliot were up to, it had nothing to do with kidnapping Hanna. (That was all A.D.) So then what are Mary Drake and Elliot doing here? Their motives are clear; they want financial control over the Carissimi Group, where Charlotte's money is currently being spent to 'help people.' (Mary Drake and Elliot do not look like people who want to help their fellow man.) But do they want to harm the Liars to get it? We don't think so. So far, the only person they've harmed with their nefarious scheming has been Ali.

  4. Did Mary Drake kill Jessica DiLaurentis?

    This is pretty obvious. Yes, of course she did! Listen, if this entire thing is about money, then it makes a lot of sense that Mary Drake would take out her competition one by one. Since Charlotte was legally a DiLaurentis, there's no way Mary Drake and Elliot could have pulled off their plan if Jessica was still around. All of Charlotte's money would have gone to her in the wake of an 'accident.' Jessica needed to be eliminated.

  5. Does Caleb love Spencer?

    Spencer told Caleb that she loved him and HE NEVER SAID IT BACK. Sure, Spencer didn't seem bothered by it. They were headed into battle with A. Maybe it was a visceral reaction more than anything. But it's pretty telling that Caleb never said the L word. He still has feelings for Hanna, as evidenced by the fact they kissed on a dingy motel bed just minutes before they fed Hanna to the wolves A. That's not to say that Caleb doesn't love Spencer. There are obviously feelings there. But this is one, big complicated mess right now, and unfortunately, Spencer is going to get her heart broken in the middle of it.

  6. When did Emily become the sensible one? ABC Family

    She's right about everything one could reasonably expect her to be right about in this episode. She knows that Aria was a dumb-dumb for ever expecting her co-writing experience with Ezra would be 'simple'; she takes a break from babysitting Ali to vote; she believes Ali needed medical attention, but is also wary of having her admitted without even checking in with the new husband.

  7. Who killed Charlotte?

    Mary Drake? We know she was unhinged -- the woman spent 25 years in Radley -- and it sounds like she would do anything to get her hands on Charlotte's money, even kill. Think about it: If Charlotte didn't want to work with Mary Drake (because she's a psychopath), she'd ignore her. And she'd probably ignore her pathetic lackey Elliot too, which would explain why she was so upset when Ali told her that she and Elliot were seeing each other on the DL. Charlotte probably knew what he was after. Since Charlotte was the one with the majority stake in the Carissimi Group, she'd have to be 'eliminated' in order for Mary Drake to even have a shot at taking control of the Carissimi Group. With Elliot now stepping in to handle his wife's affairs, Mary Drake finally has access to her daughter's fortune. It's sick and twisted, but that sounds like PLL 's M.O.

  8. Was Charlotte in on Mary Drake's scheme?

    This seems unlikely. It's more probable that Charlotte wanted nothing to do with Mary Drake. We know how much she loved Jessica -- her death nearly destroyed her. Besides, if Charlotte was in on the plan, she would have handed over control of the Carissimi Group the moment she was released from Welby. Not to mention, if she really 'loved' Elliot, she would have told her sister. Charlotte's relationship with Mary Drake was clearly antagonistic in nature. She wasn't in cahoots with Mary Drake; she was terrified. Then again, Charlotte did take Mary Drake's name for her own alias, CeCe Drake, so there's always a possibility they were closer than we thought.

  9. When did Charlotte and Elliot have time to date?

    Charlotte and Elliot may have had a ~ thing ~ at Radley. Elliot could have been a patient there at one time, or perhaps he was just a frequent visitor. During that time Elliot probably became obsessed with Charlotte and wouldn't leave her alone. (The man has 'creep' written all over his face.) Our tinfoil theory? Elliot Rollins is just a fake identity. In fact, his real surname is Kingston and Wren is his brother. We know that Wren's father was schizophrenic and lived in a mental hospital for a period of time. What if Wren's dad was a patient at Radley? Might he have fallen in love with one Mary Drake? Who really knows. But it's pretty clear that while Charlotte and Elliot might have been an item, they weren't together when Charlotte was released from Welby.

  10. What’s going on with the Carissimi Group?

    We know Jason DiLaurentis has a minority stake in the company and that he's currently managing the day-to-day operations, but is there something more at stake here than money? For all the hoops Mary Drake and Elliot had to jump through to gain control, we think that's a definite yes.

  11. Who's the 'he' coming for Ali in the ~ mysterious ~ flash-forward?

    Elliot? Wren? Mr. DiLaurentis? The obvious answer is Elliot, but that's a little too easy.