11 Reasons Amy Poehler Is The Best Part of 'Mean Girls'

11 Reasons Amy Poehler Is Best Part Ofmean Girls

Mean Girls is, undeniably, the best rom com of all time. No other movie is as quotable, as laugh out loud funny or as defining of a generation as Tina Fey ’s breakout hit.

While there has been years upon years of discussion of Mean Girls, I have something to tell you that I don’t think anyone has realized yet: Amy Poehler is the best (and I mean, the best ) part of the movie.

Even though she only appeared for a few scenes, the Parks and Recreation star always stole the show as Regina’s easy-going mom. In honor of Amy’s 44th birthday today (Sept. 16), here are all the reasons why Mrs. George was the best part of Mean Girls.

  1. Because she knows that teenagers need to get a little crazy sometimes. Paramount
  2. Because she's young. Paramount
  3. Because she’s always prepared. Paramount
  4. Because she’s a cool mom. Paramount
  5. Because she knows what the kids are talking about nowadays. Paramount
  6. Because she knows how to rock it for the camera. Paramount
  7. Because she gives great hugs. Paramount
  8. Because she appreciates a good Happy Hour. Paramount

    Non-alcoholic, of course. What kind of mother do you think she is?

  9. Because she can dance like a pro. Paramount
  10. Because she calls Wednesday hump day. Paramount

    As we all should.

  11. Because she raised this lady. Paramount

    There's no 'Mean Girls' without Regina.

Stay perfect, Amy. You can sit with us any time.