11 Reasons To Avoid NYC At All Costs On New Year's Eve

11 Reasons Avoid Nyc All Costs New Years Eve

New Year's Eve isn't complete without watching the ball drop. Wherever you are when the clock strikes midnight, you switch on the TV, count down and watch a glittery disco ball-thing do its thang in Times Square.

You see the cheering crowd waving their streamers and foam fingers. You see celebrities, decked out in head-to-toe sequins, smiling on stage. The Big Apple seems like a pretty magical place to welcome 2016, right?

WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong . Manhattan is great for a lot of things -- pizza and museums, in that order -- but New Year's Eve isn't one of them. Everything looks sparkly behind a TV screen, but the reality is far less glam when you remove the cameras. Whether you're headed to Times Square or crossing the Hudson River into Manhattan at all this Thursday (Dec. 31), here's what you're in for:

  1. It's crowded

    There are people everywhere. I hope you don't value personal space. And because it's so crowded...

  2. Hailing a cab is impossible

    No amount of upstreaming can save you now. You turn to Uber for help.

  3. Uber surge pricing is through the roof

    RIP your bank account.

  4. You're stuck in one place

    You can't get a cab. You're too broke to pay triple for an Uber. Your crush is across town asking you to swing by their party? Too bad. I hope you like wherever you are right now, because you're not going anywhere -- unless you're down to walk 40 minutes in the cold.

  5. Everything is extra expensive

    Uber isn't the only company jacking up their prices. Bus tickets, train tickets, you name it -- it's more expensive during the holidays. 'Tis the season!

  6. Traffic is a nightmare

    If you are lucky enough to hail a cab or afford an Uber, your trip will likely take extra time due to the closed roads around Times Square. Of course, you can always take the subway, but after watching that murder scene in 'Remember Me,' you feel uneasy about subway-ing anytime past midnight.

  7. Tickets sell out if you wait too long

    Unless you're going to a house apartment party, you need tickets for pretty much everything. Whether it's a bus ticket into the city or a ticket for a swanky club, they'll sell out, so buy 'em early. (Prices often go up the longer you wait, too, so cough up the cash sooner rather than later.)

  8. Bathrooms are a rare luxury in Times Square

    Wear a diaper, maybe? IDK.

  9. And the ball is pretty small IRL

    Visit Times Square any other time of the year. You'll be amazed by a lot of things but definitely disappointed by how small the famous mirrored ball is.

  10. Cell phone signal is wimpy at best

    Wanna wish your parents a happy new year? So do a million other people. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  11. NYC can never meet your expectations

    The media hypes up New York New Year's as this huge, life-altering event. It's not. Ringing in 2016 will be special no matter where you are. As you close out one year, you welcome the next with a little extra pizazz in your step. And if you're really dead-set on this whole New York thing, maybe play 'Empire State of Mind' when the clock hits midnight.