11 Reasons Why We'll Still Buy Albums In The Streaming Era

11 Reasons Why Well Still Buy Albums Streaming Era

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Now that Apple Music has officially arrived, we expect the streaming service wars to heat up. While many fans are still deciding whether to go with Spotify, Jay Z's Tidal, Apple Music or another service to get their music, there are tons of fans still waving the flag for retail.

That's right, streaming your favorite tunes is cheap and convenient, but there's nothing quite like purchasing music. Even though we're streaming as well, here are 11 reasons why we just can't give up buying our favorite albums as well.

  1. Because We Love Album Packaging GOOD Music

    Remember Jay Z and Kanye West's gold embossed, Ricardo Tisci-designed Watch the Throne album cover? There are certain things you just can't get with a stream.

  2. And We Need To Read The Credits Rob Markman / MTV

    It's the easiest way to find out which studio Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar recorded 'Collard Greens' at.

  3. High Quality Audio Is Crucial Getty Images

    Most music fans are picking the least expensive streaming option possible, which means the bulk of us aren't listening to the highest quality audio through our new 0 headphones.

  4. Getting Autographs Will Forever Be A Thing Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

    There are few fan experiences better than getting your album signed by your favorite band. We'd imagine getting the iPhone where you stream music autographed would just be weird.

  5. Tuesday Is Just Monday Part Two Without New Music Getty Images

    We all know Monday is lame, but Tuesday is the best day of the week for music fans, because that's the day when new albums drop. Well, not anymore; now Friday is the global release day for music. We're not sure if the rising popularity of streaming services has much to do with this -- it's probably just a coincidence. Regardless, now Tuesday is just Monday part two.

  6. Double Albums Are Special To Us Interscope

    Because CDs, vinyl and cassette tapes can only hold a limited amount of music, double albums used to be a real thing. Now, with streaming and all-digital formats, the double album doesn't really mean much anymore because artists can choose to give us as many (or as few) tracks as they want to complete a project.

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  7. And Data Plans Aren't Cheap Getty Images

    Granted, streaming is an affordable alternative to buying albums outright, there is something to be said for listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 100 times without having to worry about going over your data plan.

  8. Buying Multiple Copies Of Your Favorite Artist's Album Will Never Get Old Rob Markman / MTV

    It takes 1,500 song streams to equate one sale, according to SoundScan. Or I can just buy multiple copies of Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron and help Puffy get a #1 LP the old fashioned way.

  9. Going Record Shopping In An Actual Record Store Is Cool Getty Images

    There's a certain rush that comes with digging through the record crates and getting your hands dusty.

  10. Having A Personalized Music Collection Shows Off Your Unique Musical Tastes Getty Images

    Don't you love going over to a friends house and thumbing through their CD collection to make snap judgements about their musical choices? Just not the same with streaming.

  11. Swaping Albums With Friends Strengthens Relationships Rob Markman / MTV

    I'll trade you Oxymoron for good kid, m.A.A.d. city , deal?