11 Reasons Your Girlfriend Loves Pro Wrestling (And Just Doesn't Know It Yet)

11 Reasons Your Girlfriend Loves Pro Wrestling

Plenty of girls come to love wrestling on their own and don’t need any encouraging. We’re complex creatures, like all human beings, who can’t be tricked into liking anything that wouldn’t be of interest otherwise.

As a woman who accidentally found herself becoming a fan in her twenties, I admit I always liked professional wrestling without realizing it. This blend of theater and athletics known as 'sports entertainment' is as nuanced as we are, and there’s so much your girlfriend can get into if you frame it correctly. Here's how to sell it.

  1. The fake drama

    Girls love manufactured drama for the same reason that everyone loves it -- it gives us an excuse to get fired up without any of the consequences. Wrestling is much more than a male soap opera to you, but that doesn't mean the theatrics aren't on point. So don't be afraid to lead with that. If she can get you into ' Scandal ,' you can get her into this.

  2. The real drama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAt1kk-632s

    The WWE is a large corporation composed of many people with their own personal relationships, politics and, occasionally, real-life feuds. Real-life controversies either get played up for dramatic effect or swept under the rug for the company’s image. Watching all this play out while trying to crack the fact/fiction code makes gossip magazines seem boring in comparison.

  3. The rich history

    Wrestling as a form of entertainment has been around for over 100 years. Before TV you could catch them in carnivals, which were not composed of just a bunch of dudes hanging out on a Monday night. There are decades of independent and mainstream matches out there depicting a variety of styles influenced by countless cultures where professional wrestling is popular. Even a snob can't turn their nose up at that.

  4. Binge-watching potential https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcmVPliIbo0

    One of the laziest and most romantic things you can do with a girl is binge-watch a show for hours. With wrestling, there is so much content out there that this could go on for days if she'd allow it. If you have the WWE Network, it's just a matter of convincing her what to lay in bed with you all day watching. 'Breaking Ground,' 'Total Divas,' and 'Tough Enough' are great gateway shows.

  5. NXT

    NXT, the developmental branch of the WWE, has gained a lot of attention for having one of the strongest women's divisions in recent history. Before you show her anything, play her an NXT Takeover match and then ask her if she's a Charlotte . 'Sex and the City' won't apply.

  6. The Changing Role of Women https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxeA3zlbovE

    The most awesome thing about professional wrestling is that it feels democratic even when it's not. Though the matches are staged, the fans have the ability to turn heroes into villains just with their reaction. Most recently, fans have used their power to push for better representation of female wrestlers. The 'Divas Revolution' arguably did not reform the Divas division as much as fans hoped, but their message is as loud and clear as ever. They're gradually gaining Vince McMahon's attention (the boss), so they might be worth your girlfriend's.

  7. Seeing it live

    For the greatest success rate in turning her, skip the television and go straight to a live match. Whether it's a house show or an independent promotion, a live show is unlike anything else. It's one the most diverse and energetic audiences out there -- full of cute kids, rowdy adults and yes, even some women. She'll likely appreciate the overall experience more than just a typical date night.

  8. Renee Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeM3qYJpcl4

    Renee Young is more than just an on-air personality for the WWE. She's a smart, funny and professional woman who other women could see themselves having brunch with. She can hang with wrestling veterans while looking like she just walked out of a rom-com. Her real-life relationship with WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose and best friendship with Diva Summer Rae will only increase the chances of your girlfriend being a fan at first sight.

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  9. The eye candy

    Sure, it's going to take more than muscly, damp dudes to hold her attention, but once it's held having that to look at is a definite bonus. Don't be afraid to encourage a few benign crushes, because that's a great excuse to watch.

  10. Fighting Authority https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mpa01ghJGM

    The need to challenge authority is a common impulse that shows up in everything from politics to entertainment. Modern WWE has taken this theme to a very literal level, referring to the villains who are in charge as 'The Authority.' That may be a little on the nose for you, but for a new fan, it's a jumping off point to get riled up.

  11. It's the silliest

    Pro wrestling at its core is a physical art form that's taken very seriously, but everyone involved has the best sense of humor about it. Before I fell into the fandom myself, I noticed that all of my friends into it were also really funny. That's not a coincidence -- that's comedy and it's a huge component of what makes wrestling entertainment. It's big, campy and ridiculous, but you should always be able to get that silly with your significant other. That's what relationships are all about.