11 Seriously Effed-Up Moments From The OG Powerpuff Girls

11 Seriously Effed Up Moments From Og Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls may have been a show for kids ( and Christian Bale, apparently ) but that didn't mean there weren't deeply dark, disturbing moments from time to time. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup dealt with pervy old men as well as dudes who wanted to murder children, which is why you probably blocked out some of these episodes — because holy crap, they're insane.

  1. When the girls turn Townsville into a type of Mad Max: Fury Road wasteland. Cartoon Network

    The trio race each other home from school, but fly too fast and end up traveling 50 years into the future. They discover the entire town has gone to hell because they weren't there to save it. The surviving townspeople gather around them, pointing and chanting your fault while looking like a pack of zombies.

  2. When Bunny, the fourth Powerpuff Girl, dies. Cartoon Network

    After Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup begin to feel overworked, they create another sister to help lighten their town-saving load. Unfortunately, something doesn't go quite right and Bunny, which they affectionately call her, doesn't develop their social and crime-fighting skills. Eventually, Bunny explodes because she's not atomically stable and the episode ends with the sisters mourning Bunny as the narrator cries in the background.

  3. When a sketchy guy loves the Powerpuff Girls so much, he's willing to kidnap and imprison them forever. Cartoon Network

    Buttercup describes Lenny Baxter's Powerpuff Girls collection as seven kinds of creepy, and Lenny himself is 1,000 times worse. There's something about a grown man actively luring and trapping three little girls that just doesn't sit right.

  4. When the girls' classmate abuses the class hamster. Cartoon Network

    Mitch is a total punk-ass kid who tortures Twiggy the hamster, shoving full cans of food into his mouth so he can't breathe. He also stuffs him into a remote control car and runs it into the wall, not to mention taping him to a toy rocket and flying the poor hamster around the room. Seriously, does Mitch grow up to be a serial killer or something?!

  5. When the girls defeat the Sandman by giving him a nightmare so awful, he refuses to ever sleep again. Cartoon Network

    All the Sandman wants to do is get some sleep, so he tries to make everyone sleep forever. To solve this problem, the girls decide to terrify him so badly, he physically never wants to sleep again.

  6. When a teenage boy pretends to have a crush on a kindergartener. Cartoon Network

    Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup attend Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, but that doesn't stop Ace, the leader of the Gangreen Gang, from tricking Buttercup into thinking he likes her so he can fulfill his own agenda.

  7. When the Professor must eat dinner with a ray gun to his head, knowing he will be killed after he's finished eating. Cartoon Network

    This episode gave us the glorious Professor eating a pea moment you've undoubtedly seen on Tumblr. In order to prolong his life, the Professor munches on his food as slowly as humanly possible. The whole situation is just tense AF.

  8. When it takes beating Mojo Jojo so badly he almost dies to get the girls to realize they have an addiction problem. Cartoon Network

    The Mayor rewards girls with candy when they fight crime, which soon makes them addicted and looking for fights everywhere. After Mojo Jojo steals the candy, the girls attack him so badly, he actually sheds a tear and looks like he's on death's doorstep. Once that happens, then the superheroes realize they've taken things too far.

  9. When a zombie magician tries to murder Blossom. Cartoon Network

    Long ago, Al Lusion the magician was proven to be a phony by a little girl who looks like Blossom. Because of her, Al Lusion tripped and fell into a spiked coffin, instantly killing him. When he rises from the dead years later, rechristened Abracadaver, he mistakes Blossom for the girl who ruined him and tries to smash her in the spiked coffin for revenge.

  10. When we learn Blossom's basis for self-worth is only through intelligence. Cartoon Network

    The episode Power-Noia is definitely one of the most disturbing episodes of the series — mainly because Him is involved — but it's super effed-up to see Blossom's nightmare involves her wearing a dunce cap. Dream Ms. Keane asks her students why reports cards are so vital, to which they reply in a monotonous tone, Because report cards are the single most important determining factor to consider when judging the worth of an individual's life. Holy shit.

  11. When a money-hungry dude makes a horde of Powerpuff Girl rip-offs and basically sells them into slavery. Cartoon Network

    Professor Utonium's college roommate, Dick Hardly (LOL), tricks Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup into giving him Chemical X so he can profit off the slave labor of his knock-off creations. Eventually, he cuts back on sugar, spice, and everything nice, turning the clones into freaky mutants who only want to be loved. Creepy.