11 Signs She Doesn't Realize This Is A Date

11 Signs She Doesnt Realize This Is Date

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You finally got the nerve to ask her out. Well, kind of. You got the nerve to ask if she wanted to study for the physics mid-term or grab lunch sometime. You're on cloud nine! Congratulations!

There are few feelings as euphoric as scoring a date with someone you like, but before you commence victory dancing, you should make sure that both of you are showing up for the same tango. While it may seem obvious to you that you've asked her out, she may have taken your romantic proposal to 'Get coffee and talk about our resumes' at face value.

Whether you guys are good friends, colleagues or even strangers, there are plenty of reasons that a girl may want to hang out with you that have nothing to do with romantic interest. Here are 11 signs that your 'date' doesn't know she's on one:

  1. It’s daytime

    Daytime dates can be an awesome and casual way to get to know someone, but hangs that happen before sunset have a more platonic feel. If this is your first time going out, make it clear that you're asking her out by calling it a 'hiking date,' etc.

  2. It’s a weeknight

    Ditto with school nights. If you're hoping to take her out on Monday through Thursday, say something like, 'This place has romantic views' or just use the word 'date' when asking her out.

  3. You guys are doing something you two have a shared interest in

    Whether you're surfing or studying for an upcoming test, she very well might be looking at you as a buddy and not a potential boyfriend.

  4. You two have fist bumped, ever

    We're not saying she doesn't see you as a potential love interest, but if you two interact like a couple of football teammates, proceed with caution.

  5. She calls you bro

    Bro. She thinks of you as a bro.

  6. She's crossing her arms or leaning away from you

    Body language is a helpful and powerful indicator when it comes to gauging a person's interest. If she's going out of her way to make sure your arms don't touch, she probably didn't show up hoping for a goodnight kiss.

  7. You guys work together

    If you guys are colleagues in any way, she absolutely might be meeting up with you for professional reasons. In fact, you could be seriously insulting her (and maybe even jeopardizing your job) if you try to put the moves on her. If you're at all connected in a work setting, you should be especially clear about your intentions.

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  8. There isn’t a lot of eye contact going on

    Like body language, eye contact is a subtle and accurate reflection of how interested she is. If she's avoiding your gaze, it could be because this wasn't what she was expecting, and she's looking for the exit.

  9. You're at the gym

    The gym is not a date. That is all.

  10. You didn't brush your teeth

    Or comb your hair or put on socks. No one is expecting you to arrive in a full suit and tie, but if you show up looking like you just emerged from the wilderness, she's not assuming you're wild about her.

  11. You didn't made it explicitly clear that this is a date

    This is what it all ultimately boils down to. You cannot half ask someone out. You're best served by being as direct with her as possible. There's no need to go overboard with flowery language or sappiness, but when in doubt, just use the 'd' word. (The other one.)