11 Surprising Things We Learned About The Backstreet Boys In Their Documentary

11 Surprising Things We Learned About Backstreet Boys Their Documentary

The Backstreet Boys are back in a way we've never seen them before.

Their documentary, 'Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of' is out, and not only is it entertaining, but it's real, serious and very honest. And -- SPOILER ALERT! -- we're going to detail some of those real, serious and honest moments below.

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As a die-hard BSB fan who's been following the group for the past twenty years, I have to say I walked away learning a lot about Nick, Brian, Howie, Kevin and AJ, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.

To get you fully prepared for this magical experience , here are 11 things that may surprise you when watch the flick.

  1. Brian's Giving All He Has To Give

    It's distinct, it's beautiful -- when Brian sings you knew it's his sweet voice. Throughout the film you see Brian, and the group, struggle with the fact that his voice isn't what it used to be because of vocal tension dysphonia, the tightening of the muscles around the vocal chords. Sad face.

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  2. Nick's Not Backing Down

    When you're in a group for 20 years you're bound to have some issues, and clearly there are a few between Brian and Nick. F-bombs are thrown, Brian demands respect and Nick yells 'I'm not afraid of you anymore.' Sh-- get's real.

  3. Boy Band Creator

    BSB shine a light on the relationship they had with disgraced boy band creator Lou Pearlman, against whom they filed a lawsuit regarding their contract. You can tell this is still a touchy subject for the guys, as they tell their side of the story by revisiting his home and the warehouse where they first formed in Orlando, Florida.

  4. Battle For The Lead

    Nobody puts Howie in the corner. After years of taking a backseat to lead vocals, Howie is speaking up, stepping out of the background and taking center stage.

  5. BSB On Their Own Terms

    The guys pack up their bags and head to London to create their 2013 album, In A World Like This. It's the first album featuring all five members since Kevin's return and their first on their very own label.

  6. *NSYNC Shocker

    So what did BSB really think of *NSYNC ? Well, in their eyes it was a betrayal since Pearlman 'created their competition' without even telling the guys. Ouch.

  7. Hometown Visits

    Each of the guys takes us back to where they grew up. We see their homes, meet their teachers and witness a whole lot of emotional moments.

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  8. Grab The Tissues

    Speaking of emotional moments, be prepared for lots of tears not only from you as the viewer, but from the guys as well. Between traveling back to their hometowns and Brian's vocal problems, you better be getting your tissues ready.

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  9. Back To The Start

    Since the group is 20 years old, there is a lot of old material to choose from, and they definitely picked the best. From early performances, to meeting girls who had no idea who they were, to goofy moments between the band members, all die-hard fans will completely freak out over these early BSB clips.

  10. Quit Playing Games With My Shirt

    First impressions are everything, and it turns out the guys weren't too happy with looking like a bunch of 'beefcakes' with their shirts open for their first video, 'Quit Playing Games (With My Heart).' They might not have liked it, but we did.

  11. AJ's Nails On Fleek

    Seriously, AJ's nail art is so distracting (in a good way) and so on point throughout the movie. You may want to take some notes.