11 Things You Definitely Didn’t Notice In Disney’s The Luck Of The Irish

11 Things You Definitely Didn T Notice Disney S Luck Irish

On March 9, 2001, Disney Channel premiered its 28th original movie: The Luck of The Irish . The film, currently ranked #13 out of 99 on our DCOM ranker , followed basketball star Kyle Johnson ( Ryan Merriman ) as he discovered his family's mysterious Irish past, and of course, battled a crazed leprechaun over a lucky coin.

To celebrate the film's 15th anniversary, I went back and rewatched this beloved movie from my childhood. And I noticed some ~interesting~ things that definitely didn't catch my eye back in the day.

  1. This poor choice of words Disney

    I had to rewind and make sure that's what this punk kid actually said. I get that his last name is Johnson, but since 'Johnson' is also a euphemism for penis, and the phrase 'choking the chicken' is slang for masturbation, maybe putting Johnson and choking together isn't the best idea. Or, maybe I'm just perverted.

  2. These old AF computers Disney

    If you took a photo of this and hid it in my elementary school scrapbook, I'd totally believe it was legit. Thank God for flatscreen computers.

  3. This sports joke Disney

    This definitely went over my head as a kid. Hurling is an Irish game that's kind of a combo of soccer and golf, and Kyle briefly plays it towards the end of the film.

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  4. Halloweentown High filmed certain interior scenes in the same school as The Luck of the Irish Disney

    Both DCOMs used Juan Diego Catholic High School in Utah as a filming location, according to both IMDb pages, which you can check out here and here .

  5. The dad's heritage is never revealed Disney

    Sure, he gives his son the whole 'I'm from Cleveland' song and dance routine, but that's it. Technically, Kyle is only half-Irish, since his dad's heritage is something else.

  6. Kyle flat out assaulted someone in front of several security officers Disney

    I get that he and Bonnie (Alexis Lopez) were trying to make a getaway, but he straight up shoved a poor worker to the floor and then jacked his car. That's two crimes, Kyle. Tsk, tsk.

  7. Kyle's grandfather's (Henry Gibson) name is legit Reilly O'Reilly Disney

    Try saying that five times fast.

  8. This comment that alludes to slavery Disney

    As Bonnie gives a pep talk to bring the boys out of their slump, she explains how the Irish persevered through difficult hardships. Russell Halloway (Glenndon Chatman) then pipes in to offer his two cents about history.

  9. Timothy Omundson is the bad guy Disney

    Before he was Cain on Supernatural , Omundson played the delightfully smarmy villain Seamus McTiernen in The Luck of the Irish .

  10. Kyle's teammate Drake Whitley (Brett Yoder) is the reason High School Musical even happened Disney

    Yoder was the M.C. who forced Troy ( Zac Efron ) and Gabriella ( Vanessa Hudgens ) to sing together, coyly telling them, 'Hey, you know what? Someday you guys might thank me for this.'

  11. Ryan Merriman is hot AF Disney

    Just kidding. You definitely noticed that.

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