11 Times The Pokémon Stadium Mini Games Perfectly Summed Up Your College Life

11 Times Pok Mon Stadium Mini Games Perfectly Summed Up Your College Life

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If you were lucky enough to have a Nintendo 64 as a kid, you probably remember ' Pokémon Stadium' mini games. They were the perfect cool-down after an intense battle in the Poke Cup-- that is, when you weren't screaming about how you totally pressed the button on time in Rock Harden and it just didn't register, damn it!

What you probably didn't realize, though, is that those games were basically giving you a road map for life ahead. Here are all the times that the 'Pokémon Stadium' mini games perfectly showed what it's like to be a college student.

  1. When your teacher drops a bunch of homework on you last minute. Nintendo


  2. When no one else did the reading but you did. Nintendo
  3. When you give a stupid answer in class. Nintendo


  4. When they actually have good food in the dining hall. Nintendo
  5. And when you eat something gross. Nintendo
  6. When you’re looking at how much non-dining hall food costs. Nintendo


    como deixar meu cabelo crescer
  7. When you’re rushing to get to class. Nintendo
  8. When you're hardcore Facebook stalking someone and you finally find gold. Nintendo

    Or doing research for a paper, whatever.

  9. When it’s definitely nap time. Nintendo
  10. When you’re trying to find a bae. Nintendo

    Gotta catch em all! Or at least one. Anyone?

  11. When you never, ever have any idea what you’re doing. Nintendo