11 Times Richard Madden Was Too Bae-Utiful For Words

11 Times Richard Madden Was Too Bae Utiful

Richard Madden is more than his silky hair, piercing blue eyes and handsomely chiseled chin. Yes, so much more than his perfectly tousled curls (which are the color of early morning sunrises, BTW) and dreamy Scottish accent. It doesn't matter if Richard Madden looks good with or without facial hair -- but since it's also the color of a gorgeous sunrises, I prefer him with a little facial hair -- because he's so much more than that. All joking aside, he's a damn fine actor, who just so happens to be a perfect human specimen.

In honor of his starring role in Disney's 'Cinderella' -- which you need to see this weekend -- MTV News is rounding up Madden's most bae-utiful moments into one drool-worthy post. Don't say we never did anything for you.

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  1. Look at THAT perfect curl. Getty Images


  2. T-shirt and jeans? No problem. Still hot. Getty Images
  3. His eyes are staring deep into our soul. Getty Images
  4. His smile is absolutely the most distracting ever. Getty Images

    Can't. Look. Away.

  5. His 'thinking face' is especially sexy. Getty Images
  6. It's hard to make Lily James look basic, but... Getty Images

    Remind us never to pose for a photo with Madden.

  7. Even without facial hair, he's bae. Getty Images
  8. He's so hot, he even makes a selfie stick look cool. Getty Images
  9. Do you really need anymore proof of his hotness? Getty Images
  10. DO YOU? Getty Images
  11. Okay. Fine. Here's one more. HBO