11 Times Shia LaBeouf Was The Ultimate Bae in 'Holes'

11 Times Shia Labeouf Was Ultimate Bae Inholes

Shia LaBeouf has been bae on many occasions: as the adorably clumsy Louis Stevens , as the artsy introvert he's been nowadays, and, especially, as Stanley Yelnats in ' Holes .' The palindromed teen dug his way into our hearts with his confused expressions, sweaty jumpsuit swag and friendship.

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Basically, Shia in 'Holes' is the ultimate bae, and here's why.

  1. He's a friend to the animals. Disney

    Even to potentially poisonous yellow spotted lizards.

  2. He can rock a jumpsuit. Disney
  3. He stands up to authority figures. Disney

    Everyone likes a bad boy.

  4. But he's still perfectly innocent. Disney
  5. He always supports his friends. Disney

    While also ending hundred year old family curses, #likeaboss.

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  6. He's graceful. Disney

    Well, sort of.

  7. He looks great in the rain. Disney

    While having deep conversations with new friends.

  8. He's always willing to help out. Disney

    Bae goals: tutoring us like he tutored Zero. Smart guys are hot.

  9. He has great taste in food. Disney

    Mmm, raw onions.

  10. He's got the perfect squad. Disney
  11. He's a real family man. Disney