11 Wacky Nickelodeon Teachers Who Loved To Be Extra

11 Wacky Nickelodeon Teachers Who Loved Be Extra

School on our favorite Nickelodeon shows was way cooler than regular school, thanks to all the eccentric teachers. Series like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and All That introduced '90s and '00s kids to some of the most bizarre faculty the world has ever seen.

These educators were super extra, but we secretly loved them all the same. Whether they were screaming at the top of their lungs in the middle of class, getting uncomfortably close with workshop tools, or shaking loose on karaoke night, Nickelodeon teachers were definitely never boring.

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  1. Dr. Xavier, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Nickelodeon

    Cookie's eccentric math teacher would constantly yell, Without math, we are cavemen eating mud, and enjoyed terrifying her students on the regular.

  2. Mr. Sikowitz, Victorious Nickelodeon

    Hollywood Arts's drama teacher had a penchant for drinking out of a coconut during class and entering the room though the window. He also killed it at karaoke .

  3. Mr. Gullible, The Amanda Show Nickelodeon

    Accurately named, Mr. Gullible gave in to every kid's outrageous request. His catchphrase was a long, drawn-out really? that I still hear in my nightmares.

  4. iTeacher, Ned's Declassified Nickelodeon

    This unconventional teacher – which is saying something for the faculty at James K. Polk Middle School — taught kids through her computer due to stress overload as a kid.

  5. Mrs. Hayfer, Drake & Josh Nickelodeon

    The main teacher on D&J absolutely hated Drake, and would tell him every chance she got. When she asked him what his favorite book from the 20th century was, he answered with The Catcher in the Rye . Wrong, she said.

  6. Coach Kreeton, All That Nickelodeon

    Kel Mitchell 's alter ego had a scratchy voice and screamed. A lot . The poor sap had a good reason to howl all the time — he got seriously injured in practically every sketch.

  7. Ms. Briggs, iCarly Nickelodeon

    This teacher's favorite pastime involved screaming at kids with her trusty megaphone. In a later episode, Carly and Freddie discovered she had an unhealthy obsession with American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

  8. Miss Fingerly, All That Nickelodeon

    No teacher was more irritatingly perky than Miss Fingerly. Lori Beth Denberg 's classic character also once dropped one heck of a truth bomb: The classroom is no place to express yourself.

  9. Professor Chafe, All That Nickelodeon

    In the Harry Bladder sketches, which parodied Harry Potter , Professor Chafe channeled his inner Snape and lashed out at his students. Fun fact: He was played by Jeremy Rowley , who later went on to play grouchy Lewbert on iCarly .

  10. Mr. Chopsaw, Ned's Declassified Nickelodeon

    There's nothing more extra than a teacher who names his tools and locks one of them in a cage because she's bad.

  11. Mr. Combover, Ned's Declassified Nickelodeon

    JK, this guy wins the Most Extra award.