11 Ways You Can Honor AIM Buddy Icons, The OG Emojis

11 Ways You Can Honor Aim Buddy Icons

I was recently sent flying into major #NostalgiaMode when I was reminded of the precursor to emojis: AOL Instant Messenger's buddy icons .

Like ICQ and Napster, AIM was a mainstay of the early internet -- and like any cool new thing, teens were all over it. That's the main reason why buddy icons appeared in the first place and rose in popularity. Those little GIFs you could use to personalize your internet-self were a part of most '90s chat windows.

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Badass Buddy

Even with emojis taking over the game today and texting ruling the way we talk to each other in non-IRL situations, there's still room for these vintage smileys to make their mark, especially since website Badass Buddy has meticulously kept them all in one place for our use.

See 11 ways you could feasibly use '90s buddy icons in 2016 below.

  1. To express... Badass Buddy

    ...that you're feeling yourself. #IWokeUpLikeThis

  2. For texting the important question... Badass Buddy

    ... 'Any gays at the party?' Because sometimes we gays need to know if it's worth the effort getting dressed.

  3. For 'American Idol' live texting... Badass Buddy

    ...since its last episode is fast approaching. Wouldn't it be good to have a couple of the show's best moments on reserve? (This seminal hit by Larry Platt, ' Pants on the Ground ,' is definitely near the top of that list.)

    quantos anos tem johnny taylor
  4. To respond to thirsty sexts... Badass Buddy

    ...from very unwanted parties.

  5. For when you're having a bad day... Badass Buddy

    and ? or ? doesn't accurately express your pain.

  6. Because ' Crawling '... Badass Buddy

    ...is a timeless hit of the 21st century.

  7. For when the bae is new... Badass Buddy

    ...and the feelings are real.

  8. For when you've realized... Badass Buddy

    ...a television personality has become much more relevant.

  9. To ask your friends... Badass Buddy

    ...if they want to go out that night.

    tratamento sem receita
  10. Because 'Anchorman'... Badass Buddy

    ...is forever quotable.

  11. And because... Badass Buddy

    ...they still do.

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