11 Ways 'Geek Charming' Totally Charmed Our Brains Out

11 Waysgeek Charmingtotally Charmed Our Brains Out

Disney Channel Original Movies are and have always been fun to watch, but let's face it -- sometimes the ones you grew up with and loved the first time around turn out to be kinda goofy when you look back on them.

But you know what's held up really well since it first premiered in 2011? ' Geek Charming ,' the movie where a popular girl ('Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland ) and a film geek (Matt Prokop) team up to create a documentary and get more than they bargained for with each other.

Seriously, this movie was so relatable and engaging that Disney probably could have given it a theatrical release and it would have cleaned up at the box office. You're definitely overdue for a Netflix rewatch of this classic, and let us tell you why.

  1. First of all, Sarah Hyland is a treasure. Disney Channel

    Any other person who spoke occasional French, spelled out all their words, and freaked out over purses probably be profoundly annoying. But not Sarah! I was totally convinced that Dylan Schoenfield was the queen of her school, even though she does say the word 'gross' with two syllables.

  2. She's super, infinitely relatable.

    Hands up, who didn't get choked up during this scene where she reveals how little she really thinks of herself? Every girl, popular or not, totally felt that in middle and high school.

  3. And underneath all the materialism she was even a little feminist. Disney Channel

    When you're popular, 'you have to live up to impossible standards of beauty,' Dylan told Josh when they started filming their movie. See, even when she was being shallow she knew deep down that society's expectations of women are a little messed up -- and she never ever makes fun of another girl because they're less fashionable than her.

  4. Also she also looks amazing in glasses. Disney Channel

    In most teen movies, the girl takes off her glasses when it's time to be beautiful and for the hero of the story to notice her romantically. But it wasn't until Dylan put her glasses on that Josh Rosen started to think there was something more between them. Nice stereotype reversal, Disney!

  5. Josh's geek-to-chic makeover actually makes sense for once. Disney Channel

    There's nothing more annoying then when a movie tries to 'makeover' a character who's already played by an attractive actor, but damn if 'Geek Charming' didn't nail that transformation. Josh went from being your average gangly, shaggy-haired film enthusiast to basically Edward Cullen. Seriously, did he always have those cheekbones and I just didn't notice because of the stupid hat?

  6. The stars had some serious chemistry with each other -- at least at the time. Disney Channel

    Since they broke up last summer, we've learned that Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop's relationship was far, far from perfect, to put it mildly . But looking back, you can tell that their real-life couple status added a lot to their performances on screen.

  7. Then there's THE RAMP. Disney Channel

    You know that raised part of the cafeteria where Asher and the other popular kids sit? That feels so true to my school experience -- after all, every academic lunch environment has its own weird geographical quirks, right? Yours totally does, don't deny it.

  8. Also, Josh's band of nerd friends is just the best. Disney Channel

    Bless all of you wonderful nerds and your hobby of name-dropping directors. Espectially Stephen (Jimmy Bellinger), who delivers the single best Christopher Walken -as-Dracula impression of all time. I still can't get through that scene without laughing.

  9. There's also no villain, which is amazing. Disney Channel

    Usually in teen movies -- especially teen movies that deal with popularity -- there's a character who's just totally, completely irredeemable. Like, remember what a backstabber Jamie Chung was to Rosalinda in 'Princes Protection Program?' Gross.

    But while Dylan's rival and her popular friends are flaky and shallow, you never really encounter any out-and-out mean girls or truly terrible people. That's refreshing to see in a movie that's about exploring the hidden depths in others.

  10. Most importantly, the movie is more about friendship than romantic love. Disney Channel

    Okay, sure, Josh and Dylan end up together at the end of the movie, despite spending most of the third act trying to convince everyone that they're not an item. But before that, they really feel like the perfect friends, which is way more important a connection to have with another person. And let's not forget the amazing Amy Loubalo, who stands by Dylan even though they haven't been friendly for years.

  11. And oh man, those everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sundaes. Disney Channel

    I'll take three, please. YUM.