11 Zoey 101 Memes To Read When The Clock Strikes 1:01

11 Zoey 101 Memes Read When Clock Strikes 1

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There's one number Zoey 101 fans care about more than making a wish at 11:11, and that, of course, is 1:01. For three glorious years on Nickelodeon, Jamie Lynn Spears played Zoey Brooks, who studied and lived in dorm room #101 at the scenic Pacific Coast Academy in California. The show premiered over a decade ago, long before social media existed, but the internet hasn't forgotten Zoey and her crew just yet.

Perhaps you remember September 2015, when creator Dan Schneider released a ten-year Zoey 101 anniversary video. It finally revealed what Zoey said about Chase in that time capsule , and longtime fans — now grown-ass adults, by the way — flooded the internet with their feelings. [ Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom. ]

Tumblr and Vine in particular had a blast with the memes, and they just keep coming even though the show is long gone (R.I.P.) and its cast has moved on. Here are some favorites:

  1. https://vine.co/v/exUEbezAQuB

    This makes heating up leftovers far more fun, because the only thing longer than a microwave minute is a treadmill minute .

  2. http://hitotsu.tumblr.com/post/133345228469/same

    A brilliant way to freak out anyone who tries to snoop through your phone. Zoey is watching you!

  3. https://vine.co/v/57X6wqvT2Ep

    This is prime summer weather.

  4. https://vine.co/v/iVwhmMipL1q

    A+ password choice!

  5. https://twitter.com/dancingpmkin/status/772901245614854144

    It's never too early to get into the Halloween spirit.

  6. Nickelodeon

    This GIF should be framed and proudly displayed in a Limited Too, if any of those stores even exist anymore.

  7. https://twitter.com/sassytbh/status/447884083084148737

    Stans may never forgive Maddie Briann Aldridge, Jamie Lynn's daughter, for uprooting the show.

  8. http://dmsa1999.tumblr.com/post/129392667297/if-chase-texted-zoey-she-wouldve-been-like

    Before there was the iPhone, there was the Tek-Mate.

  9. http://have-the-wish-i-wish-tonight.tumblr.com/post/129405806909/roses-are-red-violets-are-blue-i-would-rent-a

    Now, this is what friends are for: digging up time capsules to help you find your one true love, obviously.

  10. http://taylor-likes-to-kill-us.tumblr.com/post/129498211626/and-now-back-to-this-bitch-who-left-us-with-a

    Yeah, Dan. WHAT'S GOOD?!?!?!

  11. http://silverheirwolf.tumblr.com/post/129536901106

    Netflix and chill is so 2014.