12 ‘7th Heaven’ Life Lessons That Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Must Teach Silas

12 7th Heaven Life Lessons That Jessica Biel

In case you missed out, the Timberbaby has officially arrived !

As first-time parents, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have a ton of parental wisdom they’ll be responsible for bestowing upon little Silas Randall. Thankfully, Jessica spent almost a decade growing up before our very eyes on 7th Heaven.'

Through the crazy Camden kids, we learned everything there is to know about relationships, religion, bullying, huffing spray paint, stealing glasses from diners, and dating gorgeous teenage fathers (love you, Wilson!).

Here are the most valuable 7th Heaven lessons that we hope Jessica and Justin teach Silas.

  1. Sometimes a little cheesiness is a good thing. Tumblr

    This applies to literal AND figurative cheese, both of which were important in 7th Heaven.

  2. Women can do anything. Tumblr

    Misogyny isn’t cool, bro.

  3. Learning how to spin a basketball will make you cool. Tumblr

    Hopefully Jessica can still do this trick and will teach Silas how.

  4. Don’t make out in the back of a cop car. Tumblr

    Your brother catching you in the act actually isn’t the worst thing that could happen, so just don’t do it.

  5. When in doubt, eat something. Giphy

    You’re not you when you’re hungry.

  6. Conquering your fears and showing off your talents is an awesome feeling. Tumblr

    Not that stage fright will ever be an issue for Silas — it’s in his blood!

  7. Throwing up the middle finger will not impress your friends. Tumblr

    It’ll only get you grounded once you realize that — oops! — your mom was watching.

  8. Siblings are friends, not foes. Tumblr

    If Silas has siblings (which we hope he does!), hopefully they’ll be as close as the Camden kids were. Because even though Mary and Lucy constantly fought over boys, they knew family is the closest bond.

  9. But sometimes you’ll need to set your sib straight. Tumblr

    It’s OK to tackle your brother if he’s being stupid.

  10. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love. Tumblr

    Even a broken leg couldn’t stop Mary from playing basketball.

  11. Your parents always have your best interest in mind. Tumblr

    Silas, don’t be mad if your parents send you all the way across the country after you get arrested for trashing a school gym. They’re only trying to help.

  12. And mothers always know best. Tumblr

    Annie Camden (though sometimes slightly insane) was always the voice of reason. We’re sure Jessica will be just as great a mother as she was.