The 12 Best 'Harry Potter' Characters You Didn't See In The Movies

12 Bestharry Pottercharacters You Didnt See Movies

We know intellectually that a movie can only be so long, and that you can't get quite everything from a book onto the screen -- especially when the book in question is an epic, seven-part saga like the ' Harry Potter ' series.

However, that doesn't mean that we don't dearly miss those characters that didn't make the cut in the jump to the big screen. Where my ghosts at?

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Ahead, 12 characters whose presence the 'Harry Potter' movies was sorely missed.

  1. Peeves Scholastic

    While there are several unnamed ghosts zooming around the school, there's a real lack of poltergeists shoving gum into various locks, isn't there? Peeves, where art thou?

  2. Bloody Baron (and most of the other ghosts) Scholastic

    Don't even get us started on the ghost injustice in the movies. What, like Nearly Headless Nick is the only one? Nuh-uh. Now, there's a very silly ghost that is implied to be the Baron in the movies, but he's never named, and come on, he's supposed to be spooky as all get-out. In fact, let's loop in the Headless Hunt and basically all the Deathday Party attendees in here. Justice!

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  3. The Gaunts Scholastic

    These near ancestors of Voldemort and distant descendants of the Peverells played an important role in the making of the Dark Lord, but didn't get to make a bow on screen. Poor Merope.

  4. Winky Scholastic

    Poor sloppy drunk Winky. She never wanted to be free! She did probably want to be in the movie.

  5. Charlie Weasley Warner Bros.

    No, don't tell me that that briefly flashed family photo counts. Don't you even try that. When I was reading the books, Charlie was my Weasley brother of choice (outdoorsy, sense of humor, not Percy ), and I assumed he'd be really handsome and helpful in the movies. Sorry, Charlie.

  6. Ariana Dumbledore

    Poor Ariana was such a big part in forming Albus Dumbledore's opinions on magic and the concealment of it. It's too bad there wasn't enough time in the movies to delve into Dumbledore family history. (Kendra Dumbledore, too.)

  7. Dennis Creevey Warner Bros.

    What's cuter than a tiny Creevey who loves Harry? A tinier Creevey who loves Harry and his big brother. Dennis' name is written on parchment at one point in the movies, but we never actually meet the kid.

  8. Teddy Lupin Warner Bros.

    There was a real lack of grown-up ladykiller Teddy Lupin in the movie's prologue, is all I'm saying.

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  9. Ludo Bagman Warner Bros.

    The goofy gambler and his many, many worries didn't make the cut. Too bad, he was one of the few borderline worthy foes the Weasley Twins ever faced.

  10. Hepzibah Smith

    Young Tom Riddle charmed the pants skirts off this older lady to gain access to Hogwarts Founders artifacts that he later turned into Horcruxes. RIP Hepzibah.

  11. The Muggle Prime Minister Warner Bros.

    We got a really, really cool opening shot in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' with the Death Eaters attacking London, but it came at the expense of seeing the magical world finally intersect with the Muggle one. How great was it in the books when the Muggle Prime Minister is all like, 'bwuh? Magic?' after Fudge comes through his fireplace? Pretty great! Unfortunately, the world will never know.

  12. Neville's gran Warner Bros.

    Look up 'fierce' in the dictionary and you'll find Neville Longbottom's grandma, who just wanted him to be the best Neville he could be (and what a Neville he was). Though you may find her under that definition in the dictionary, you will not, alas, find her anywhere in the movies. The closest we came is seeing a boggart in the form of Prof. Snape wearing Augusta Longbottom's amazing hat in 'Prisoner of Azkaban.'