12 Unanswered Questions that Prove We Need Another 'Veronica Mars' Movie

12 Unanswered Questions That Prove We Need Anotherveronica Marsmovie

After seven years without Veronica Mars , fans had plenty of questions. When the Kickstarter-funded movie made its debut in March, many of them were answered — including that whole Piz vs. Logan debate, kind of — but, of course, many lingered at the end of the film.

Since we can’t wait until that sequel is greenlit for all the answers, we’ve rounded up some of our biggest burning questions here. Hopefully creator Rob Thomas will chime in, whether with a secret behind-the-scenes video of the Veronica and Logan spin-off we’re waiting for… or maybe just a scene in the real spin-off, Play It Again, Dick on CW Seed.

1. Where in the world is Duncan Kane?

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Thomas pointed out that it wouldn’t make sense for Duncan Kane to just show up at the reunion after fleeing to Mexico with his kidnapped baby in Season 2, but he wasn’t even mentioned in the Veronica Mars movie. Since Clarence Wiedman killed Aaron Echolls under Duncan’s orders, he probably knows where Duncan is, right? Has no one used new technology to track him down? Seems unlikely.

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2. And what about Jake Kane? Is Veronica done with him, too?

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In Season 3, Veronica discovered that Jake headed up a secret society full of some of the most powerful men in Neptune and sent Hearst College boys to release her sex tape. When she left town, did she decide to leave all the Kane drama behind?

3. Will Celeste Kane get justice for shooting Weevil?

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At the end of the movie, we find out that the gang is too scared of the cops to come clean about Weevil having nothing to do with the attack on Celeste. Will anyone ever uncover the truth about what happened that night, or will Weevil have to take things into his own hands? With that being said…

4. Hey, Weevil, are you okay?

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One of the last scenes in the film also saw Weevil back in his leather jacket getting on his motorcycle with the gang he used to be in. Is he going to go back to his old ways, even though he’s now a husband and a father, or is he just working to try to get his name cleared?

5. Who killed Deputy Sacks?

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We know that Cobb was making sure everyone stayed quiet about his murderous rampage, but who actually killed Deputy Sacks? We have no idea who was actually behind the wheel when that truck smashed into Sacks and Keith.

6. Is Keith Mars going to be sheriff again?

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There was a less-than-subtle hint that after leaked video footage of Dan Lamb showed how crooked he is, Neptune would be looking for a new sheriff. Though that was just TMZ talking, it seems like the perfect setup for Keith to run for office again. And then he can solve the Weevil vs. Celeste case and help clean up Neptune.

7. Will Veronica stick around in Neptune? What will she do there?

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Veronica showed all signs of staying in Neptune at the end of the movie. If she does make a permanent move back to California, will she team up with her father at Mars Investigations, or will she start her own PI firm? Or will she become a lawyer there so she can help fight crime in another way? There are so many options.

8. Will Logan and Veronica make it work this time?

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Yes, of course they will!

Okay, that’s our inner fangirl talking. But in all seriousness, will LoVe really stand the test of time once Logan gets back from duty in six months? Now that Piz is seemingly out of the picture for good, Logan has grown up, and Veronica is back in Neptune, it seems like a no-brainer. Though with their combined baggage and heartbreak from their high school years, it likely won’t be without drama along the way.

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9. Did Keith find love again? Will he?

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There was a lot of bases to cover in the movie, so we understand that Keith’s love life wasn’t top priority. But in the nine years since Veronica left Neptune, has Keith been all alone? (R.I.P., Backup.) We hope not. Whether he was with one woman this whole time and she just wasn’t seen in the movie, or if he’s just working the dating pool in town, we’d love to know.

10. Um, did Lianne ever give Keith and Veronica their money back?

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Last we left Veronica’s deadbeat mom, Lianne Mars, she still owed Keith and Veronica K. We’d love to know where she is, what she’s been up to, and if she ever got around to paying back what she stole. Everyone deserves some closure.

11. Is Dick doing okay given all he went through?

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Though Dick was up to his old tricks as a fun-loving party animal in the movie, we got a glimpse at how the last nine years have been for him when he talked about his pot-laced brownies. Sure, he was joking around when he talked about his chronic depression, but given everything that happened with his brother Cassidy (both before and after his death), he’s been through a lot.

12. Are Wallace and Mac really happy? Have they stayed close all this time?

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We’re not here to question the happiness of every character on Veronica Mars, but Wallace didn’t seem 100 percent content with his life and career, and Mac was working for Kane Industries. (This could all be solved if Wallace and Mac just start working for Veronica at their own company in the movie’s sequel.) Did they stick together at Hearst after Veronica left, and have they stayed BFFs all this time? All signs point to yes, at least. And, hey, can we get some love for Wallace and Mac, too? They can’t both be single!