13 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were On iCarly

13 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were Icarly

For seven seasons Miranda Cosgrove , Jennette McCurdy , and Nathan Kress made you laugh (and occasionally tear up) as Carly, Sam, and Freddie on Nickelodeon's iCarly . When they weren't hosting their own hit web series, they were getting into all sorts of bizarre shenanigans with their friend Gibby and Carly's older brother, Spencer. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

Sometimes a few famous friends joined them along the way. Remember these talented guest stars?

  1. One Direction, 'iGo One Direction' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ayBtBKR6uY

    Before performing 'What Makes You Beautiful,' young Harry Styles pretended to be sick with something called jungle worms (ew) so that Carly would tend to his every need. She busted him for faking it, but just imagine how many people would've killed to be in her place.

  2. Emma Stone, 'iFind Spencer Friends' Nickelodeon

    The La La Land star — then a blonde! — played Heather, a die-hard fan of the web series. When she saw Carly, Sam, and Freddie chillin' at The Groovy Smoothie, she immediately accosted them for selfies.

  3. Michelle Obama, 'iMeet The First Lady' Nickelodeon

    The former FLOTUS guest-starred as herself after the gang hacked into a military network. Why? So Carly could video-chat with her father, Colonel Steven Shay, on his birthday. What good and/or reckless friends.

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  4. Jack Black, 'iStart a Fan War' Nickelodeon

    Cosgrove's School of Rock co-star played Spencer's rival in World of Warlords , Nick's version of World of Warcraft .

  5. Jane Lynch, 'iSam's Mom' Nickelodeon

    Fans finally got to meet Sam's mom, played by Lynch! Too bad they fought for 90 percent of the episode.

  6. Harry Shum Jr., iGo to Japan Nickelodeon

    iGo to Japan was iCarly 's first TV movie. The Glee star played Yuki, a Japanese comedian up for the same internet award as Carly and Sam's web series.

  7. Chord Overstreet, 'iSpeed Date' Nickelodeon

    Speaking of Glee , Overstreet was one of many suiters who wanted to take Carly to the 'girl's choice' dance. Her last dance of the night happened with Freddie, though, so Creddie shippers were happy about that.

  8. Jim Parsons, 'iLost My Mind' Nickelodeon

    For some reason, Sam reacted to her super-passionate kiss with Freddie by checking herself into a mental hospital. The Big Bang Theory star played a patient who believed he was from the future.

  9. Emily Ratajkowski, 'iSpeed Date' and 'iEnrage Gibby' Nickelodeon

    The model played Gibby's girlfriend, Tasha, for two episodes. They broke up for a hot second when Tasha accidentally fell on Freddie, and Gibby walked in on them all tangled up together.

  10. Drake Bell, 'iBloop' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPM05dQgdig

    Cosgrove's Drake & Josh brother stopped by iCarly for a hot second. He also made his mark on the show by singing the theme song, 'Leave It All to Me,' with Cosgrove.

  11. Victoria Justice, 'iFight Shelby Marx' Nickelodeon

    While we're talking about fellow Nickelodeon stars, Victorious 's Justice got her game face on as an MMA fighter. A bit different from Hollywood Arts High School, no?

  12. David Archuleta, 'iRocked the Vote' Nickelodeon

    Carly and Sam wanted Archuleta 's character to win America Sings , so they did what any social influencers would do: They asked their followers to vote for him, and he ended up winning!

  13. Kenan Thompson, 'iParty with Victorious' Nickelodeon

    The All That alum threw quite the rager during the iCarly / Victorious crossover episode. Sadly, no slime was involved.

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