13 Essential Facts You May Have Forgotten About Taylor Swift's 'Mine'

13 Essential Facts You May Have Forgotten About Taylor Swifts Mine

By Madison Jones

It's been five years since Taylor Swift released her pop-country song, 'Mine' -- a.k.a. one of the best songs EVER to sing along in the car to.

A lot has happened in the last half-decade in Taylor's world -- namely that she went FULLY pop with 1989 -- so the details of Swift's ode to making 'a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter' might be hazy in your mind. Well, never you worry -- we're here to remember them all (and more) for you.

So in honor of the fifth anniversary of Taylor Swift ’s song 'Mine,' here are a few you things you might have forgotten about this catchy tune.

  1. The song leaked two weeks early. Big Machine Records

    The original release date was August 16 .

  2. Taylor cried when she found out it leaked. Big Machine Records

    A leak is so out of my comfort zone, but it ended up good in the end. It made me so emotional that I started crying,' she said.

  3. The music video received the Video of the Year Award at the CMT Music Awards in 2011. CBS
  4. The song was featured on an episode of Glee titled The Break Up. Fox

    It was performed by Naya Rivera who played Santana Lopez.

  5. It was also covered by Maroon Five.

    But, let's be real, the best part of this video is Taylor's awkward dance moves.

  6. The guy she's singing about? We still don't know who he is! Big Machine Records

    Swift’s inspiration for Mine came after she reflected on unnamed crush. She says that the song is about her tendency to run from love. She also revealed to MTV that the song is about what it would be like to actually let her guard down.

  7. The song was ranked at 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs of the year. Big Machine Records
  8. The music video was co-directed by Taylor and Roman White. Big Machine Records

    White also directed 'You Belong with Me' and 'Fifteen.'

  9. Her love interest in the video is played by actor, Toby Hemingway. Big Machine Records

    He was cast after Taylor watched his movies 'Feast of Love' and 'The Covenant.' The deciding factor? When he first appears in The Covenant , he's wearing a sweatshirt with 13 on it!

  10. The video was shot mostly in Maine. Big Machine Records

    Swift shot the video in Kennebunkport, Maine -- and later premiered it there to share the experience with the residents. Eight hundred people showed up -- one of them being former President George H.W. Bush .

  11. Swift performed 'Mine' before it was released.

    Although the song was released August 4, Swift performed the song as a part of 'CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock,' which was then aired on ABC on September 1.

  12. 'Mine' didn't hit #1. Big Machine Records

    It peaked at #3 .

  13. THIS GORGEOUS DRESS EXISTED. Big Machine Records

    Don't lie, you totally spent hours searching for an identical dress after you watched the video.