13 GIFs Of Jaime Having Eye Sex With Brienne On Game Of Thrones

13 Gifs Jaime Having Eye Sex With Brienne Game Thrones

Sparks flew on Season 6, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones , and the heat had nothing to do with Daenerys Targaryen's dragons. Brienne of Tarth finally ran into Jaime Lannister in Riverrun, a long overdue reunion fans have been pining for ever since the characters bonded over a bear in Season 3.


The Kingslayer and Brienne shared several touching moments during the episode, like Jaime insisting she keep his Valyrian steel sword -- named 'Oathbreaker' -- that he gave her back in Season 4.

Of course, he's no longer the only dude in Westeros vying for her attention. Tormund Giantsbane, the wilding who can't kept his eyes to himself , is likely somewhere in the North reciting 'she loves me, she loves me not' to himself.

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But Jaime's too preoccupied with Cersei to realize how much he's into Brienne. She's similarly clueless about their budding relationship, though she seems to reciprocate his feelings. And so the many, many fans who ship the pair won't let this chemistry die.


The eyes really give it all away, no? Behold.

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    Look at that subtle, sassy smirk. The twinkle in his eyes.

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    You gotta give it up for her loyalty here.

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    *Dramatic exit*

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    This moment definitely sets the Westerosi record for the greatest distance eye sex has ever traveled.

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    C'mon, dude, wave like you mean it!

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    Pretty sure neither of them blinked during this scene.

  10. Ready for a throwback? In Season 3, they literally took a bath together. How quaint.

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    OH HAI.

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    I mean, maybe Jaime was talking about Cersei here, but that's really a minor detail.

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    This is the most romantic staring contest ever.