13 Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos That'll Make You Turn Out The Lights

13 Glow Dark Tattoos Thatll Make You Turn Out Lights

Tattoos are cool enough without needing a gimmick -- and yet, people who practice the centuries old technique of adorning the body keep coming up with new and fascinating ways to keep things fresh.

Recently, a tattoo posted to Imgur received a lot of attention for its clever use of UV (or 'glow-in-the-dark') ink to show 'Alice in Wonderland' favorite the Cheshire Cat in both his visible and smile-only iterations:


UV tattoos only appear to glow under a black light, and some of the best are virtually invisible under normal light situations. This particularly creative use of the UV tattoo technique has received over 250,000 views in a day, which totally makes sense, since it's friggin' awesome.

That had us thinking: are there other ✨glowing✨ masterpieces just waiting to be seen when someone turns out the lights (and turns on a UV light bulb)? Lucky for us, there are.

See all 13 tattoos below.

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  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/_qG6ShnQDV/

A PSA before you get UV inked: don't get a UV tattoo from just anyone . UV ink is harder to tattoo than traditional ink tattoos -- you know, since you can't see it unless you're drawing in the dark.

They also run the higher potential of irritating your skin, so just be diligent when finding an experienced tattoo artist to apply your ✨glowing✨ink.