13 Hellogoodbye Lyrics That Sum Up Your Middle School Love Life

13 Hellogoodbye Lyrics That Sum Up Your Middle School Love Life

When hellogoodbye hit the radio with Here (In Your Arms) in 2006, it was the perfect jam to sing with the windows rolled down. It was also the first single off the band’s first full-length record, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! , which came out 10 years ago today — so it’s time to revisit this feel-good tune.

Here are some evocative images from the song’s music video paired with all the hellogoodbye lyrics you couldn’t help but quote in your Myspace and AIM profiles (and when you probably used them). Man, those were the days.

  1. When you have an innocent little crush. Drive Thru

    Every drawing that I drew was never, ever as cute as you (from Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Take It Back to Square One))

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  2. When you tell your friends about them. Drive Thru

    Serious as a heart attack (from Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Take It Back to Square One))

    penteados para esconder o cabelo ralo
  3. When they tell you they like you back, too. Drive Thru

    I never knew a heart existed outside of make believe (from I Saw It on Your Keyboard)

  4. When you see them in between classes. Drive Thru

    Hello, I’ve missed you quite terribly (from Here (In Your Arms))

  5. When you have your first kiss. Drive Thru

    We lock lips and throw the key out (from Stuck to You)

  6. When they wait 12 hours to text you back. Drive Thru

    For every inch we get, we need a mile more (from All of Your Love)

  7. When they don't text back at all. Drive Thru

    I cut like a knife and I dance just like a dream (from Jesse Buy Nothing ... Go to Prom Anyways)

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  8. When you doubt yourself. Drive Thru

    Should I trust the postage due / To deliver my heart to you? (from Dear Jamie ... Sincerely Me)

  9. When you break up after 48 hours. Drive Thru

    This separation seems a sad crime (from Call N Return (Say That You’re Into Me))

  10. When you try to get them back. Drive Thru

    I’ve got a letter I would like to send / It’s lacking strings of words with punctuation at the end (from Dear Jamie ... Sincerely Me)

  11. When you meet someone new. Drive Thru

    We’re having fun but something tells me I miss someone (from Call N Return (Say That You’re Into Me))

  12. When you accept it's over. Drive Thru

    Thanks for a summer I’ll always remember (from Bonnie Taylor Shakedown)

  13. When you finally move on. Drive Thru

    You deserve every grin that you get (from Two Weeks in Hawaii)

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