13 Hilariously Disgusted Fan Reactions To Hydra Captain America

13 Hilariously Disgusted Fan Reactions Hydra Captain America

On Wednesday, news broke that Captain America -- in the comics, not the films -- is secretly a Nazi, working undercover for the organization Hydra in Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 1.

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Even Chris Evans , who plays Cap in the Marvel films, was surprised to learn of the twist on his comic-based character.


Naturally, fans aren't pleased with this sudden turn of events for a beloved superhero (now super-villain, I guess) who's been around for 75 years. They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, and while many reactions are downright hilarious, others view the change as a huge slap in the face to the Jewish creators who crafted the character in response to the atrocities happening during World War II.

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  1. They used Nick Fury to express their outrage https://twitter.com/Mackagascar/status/735515635946508290
  2. And Ant-Man https://twitter.com/BrooksMoonlight/status/735518285924536321
  3. And even Batman https://twitter.com/alyciasdxbnam/status/735523407664713728
  4. Besides #SayNoToHYDRACap trending, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was also abuzz on the Internet https://twitter.com/MFryActual/status/735516724536086529
  5. Fans were definitely not subtle https://twitter.com/awkward_irwin/status/735787603568427008
  6. Pointing out the huge issue with this change https://twitter.com/KaraDiDomizio/status/735485699634438145
  7. And really wanted to peace out https://twitter.com/skyljp/status/735487818042998784
  8. Hello Darkness, my old friend https://twitter.com/HBB_xx/status/735589309043085313
  9. I've come to talk with you again https://twitter.com/klahom/status/735572680905089024
  10. Because a vision softly creeping https://twitter.com/emily_mullis/status/735463118596415488
  11. Left its seeds while I was sleeping https://twitter.com/NATWANDS/status/735482182454513666
  12. And the vision that was planted in my brain https://twitter.com/CathalLawler/status/735483007453167616
  13. Still remains within the sound of silence https://twitter.com/CarefreeTom_182/status/735511935781855232