13 Lines From Drake And Future's Project Your Friends Are Probably Already Quoting

13 Lines From Drake

Your favorite artist drops a new project and you listen intently, scouring it for your favorite lines -- the ones that either hold real meaning in your life or are just straight up dope. Everyone does this, whether it's a Taylor Swift album or Kanye West's.

So with Drake and Future 's new project, What A Time To Be Alive , now cemented firmly in rap fans' ears after its Sunday night release, you know that people will be quoting their favorite lyrics online (and in person) before long. Both these guys have given us lines to quote before (Think about how many people have written, 'Runnin' through _____ with my woes' this year), and there's more to come.

Actually, it's already started. The collab hasn't even been out for 24 hours, and plenty of people have already latched on to rhymes from Drizzy and Fewtch and posted them. Here are 13 that you can expect to see all over your Twitter timeline, Instagram feed, Facebook homepage and who knows where else.