13 Lyrics From Green Day’s New Album That Speak To Your Angsty Inner Teen

13 Lyrics From Green Day S New Album That Speak Your Angsty Inner Teen

Green Day are back, baby, and they’re here to make punk rock great again.

After years of concept albums, multi-disc sets, and rock operas, the Oakland trio has dialed it back on their new album, Revolution Radio . They’re older now — Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt are 44, and Tré Cool is 43 — but they’ve managed to reconnect to their pop-punk past with songs that blend political anger and personal nostalgia.

The result is an album full of angsty lyrics made to rally the next generation of teen rebels. They’re the ones that transport you back to your high school bedroom, when you’d slip on headphones to shut the world out; the ones you’d use as your AIM away message or write on your Converse because they say the things you don’t know how to say yourself.

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Get your angst on with 13 of the most relatable, most anthemic Revolution Radio lyrics below, accompanied by GIFs of Green Day doing what they do best:

  1. Standing at the edge of the world / Is giving me the chills / Looking down the edge of the world / Lost in a tango / It’s freaking me out Giphy

    - Forever Now

  2. I never wanted to compromise or bargain with my soul Giphy

    - Somewhere Now

  3. Scream, with your hands up in the sky / Like you want to testify/ For the life that's been deleted / Sing, like a rebel's lullaby / Under the stars and stripes / For the lost souls that were cheated Giphy

    - Revolution Radio

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  4. Me and my friends sang / ‘Whoa! Here's to the middle of the road! At least it's better than here’ Giphy

    - Too Dumb To Die

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  5. Baby hooligans / We destroyed suburbia / When we were outlaws / The outlaws of forever Giphy

    - Outlaws

  6. 'Cause it's all that I want/ And I want to be free / I got Satan riding next to me / ‘Cause we're all bloody freaks / And we'll give you the creeps Giphy

    - Bouncing Off The Wall

  7. 'Cause I'm still breathing / ‘Cause I'm still breathing on my own / My head's above the rain and roses / Making my way away, away... Giphy

    - Still Breathing

  8. Are you stranded? / Like I’m stranded? / Do you wanna watch the world fall to pieces? / Are you broken? / Like I’m broken? / Are you restless? Giphy

    - Youngblood

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  9. I'm hanging on a dream that's too dumb to die / I feel like a cello / Lost somewhere over the rainbow / Way up high, too scared to dream / But too dumb to die Giphy

    - Too Dumb To Die

  10. What good is love and peace on earth / When it's exclusive? / Where’s the truth in the written word / If no one reads it? Giphy

    - Troubled Times

  11. I got no supervision / Nothing will change my spirits Giphy

    - Outlaws

  12. Are you scared to death to live? / I’ve been running all my life / Just to find a home that's for the restless Giphy

    - Still Breathing

  13. Oh I don't want to think about tomorrow / Don’t want to think about it, oh / It doesn't matter anyway / Oh I wanna start a revolution / I want to hear it on my radio / I’ll put it off another day / (I ain't gonna stand in line no more!) Giphy

    - Forever Now