13 Lyrics From Shawn Mendes’s Illuminate That Prove He Really Needs A Hug

13 Lyrics From Shawn Mendes S Illuminate That Prove He Really Needs Hug

We have good news and bad news, Shawn Mendes fans. The good news is, your boy finally dropped his sophomore album, Illuminate , today (September 23). The bad news is, he’s apparently been traumatized by love and really just needs a hug (or two or three or fifty).

The bulk of Illuminate is bluesier and more mature than Mendes’s debut album, last year’s Handwritten , and it’s packed with enough lovelorn agony to knock you flat. Call it a testament to his disarmingly intimate songwriting… or just call it a cry for help from a lovesick 18-year-old. Either way, here are 13 of the album’s most heartbreaking lyrics, accompanied by #SadShawn GIFs (sorry).

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  1. And I’m not tryna ruin your happiness/ But darling don’t you know that I’m the only one for ya? Giphy

    - Ruin

  2. Show me an open door/ Then you go and slam it on me/ I can't take anymore

    - Mercy

  3. I just wanna give you the loving that you're missing/ Baby, just to wake up with you Giphy

    - Treat You Better

  4. We're going through the motions/ Cause we can't fix what's broken/ Those three empty words/ Will only make it worse/ I'm tired, I can't take it anymore Giphy

    - Three Empty Words

  5. Thought I was strong enough for you/ But I just can't hide the truth/ So I guess I'm going down Giphy

    - Like This

  6. And I don't wanna let it slip away/ I've been living only for this moment/ And I don't know how much that I can take Giphy

    - No Promises

  7. First you say you love me then you say you don’t/ I wake up in the morning and I'm all alone Giphy

    - Patience

  8. Please have mercy on me/ Take it easy on my heart/ Even though you don't mean to hurt me/ You keep tearing me apart

    - Mercy

  9. Making my heart grow cold/ And into the deeper she's sinking/ I'm begging her please don't let go Giphy

    - Bad Reputation

  10. Am I turning into someone else?/ I’m praying that I don't forget just who I am Giphy

    - Understand

  11. I can't remember being small/ I try to figure it out/ I can't seem to find out how/ I guess I don't know much at all Giphy

    - Hold On

  12. You can tell me stop if you already know/ Though I'm not sure my heart can take it

    - Roses

  13. And I know that I'll probably regret it/ And it kills me 'cause the worst part of all/ Is that I hate to hurt you Giphy

    - Honest

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Now can someone please go give this dude a hug?!?!