13 Rap Songs That Need To Be On Your Halloween Playlist

13 Rap Songs That Need Be Your Halloween Playlist

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Halloween is coming up, which means that you'll be hearing 'Monster Mash' everywhere you go, about a thousand times a day. Don't get me wrong -- there's nothing wrong with that song, but no one wants to be inundated with just one Halloween track all month.

So we put together a little list of rap songs for your Halloween playlist. From Eminem to Kanye West to Lil Wayne, these MCs have created some tracks that work for the monsters, ghouls and goblins all around you this month (and eventually, at your annual costume party). Check it out:

  1. Kanye West - 'Monster' https://open.spotify.com/track/1ZHYJ2Wwgxes4m8Ba88PeK

    If you're at a Halloween party dressed up as a monster, this is your anthem. There might not be a better feeling than being there and yelling out, 'Everybody knows I'm a motherf--kin' monster!' because in that moment, it's literally true.

    Plus, Jay lists every possible monster in the history of monsters so almost everyone at the party can be like, 'That's me! Hov just shouted me out.' Then, of course, you have a perfect Nicki verse to cap things off (shouts to gold teeth and fangs).

  2. Notorious B.I.G. - 'Kick In The Door' https://open.spotify.com/track/0ed6evAMZvewGh4UI9KkVU

    A lot of traditional old school Halloween playlists feature Screamin' Jay Hawkins' 'I Put A Spell On You' and with good reason. It's a phenomenal joint. So, if you want to update that a little, why not go with Biggie's 'Kick In The Door?'

    The DJ Premier-produced joint (which is still powerful in its own right) samples the classic Hawkins cut and gives it new flavor. It will drop unexpectedly at the party, like bird sh-t to satisfy rap heads all October long.

  3. Dr. Dre - 'Murder Ink' https://open.spotify.com/track/0zkE78jc1kjLXrTYd9ZxpO

    Is there a sound more synonymous with Halloween than the actual theme song to 'Halloween?' Doubtful. Once this joint starts, horror movie fans will get chills. Who knows? Some super scared dude in the room might even start running away because of childhood horror movie trauma.

    But Dr. Dre's production on 'Murder Ink' lets you realize it's just a crazy ill rap adaptation of the Halloween theme song from the Good Doc's 2001 classic so there's no need to worry. In the end, heads will just nod to these potent drums, like with most Dre beats.

  4. Meek Mill - 'Monster' https://open.spotify.com/track/37EDnGj3yFe5Hs4Zk3s3YF

    Kanye's 'Monster' is dope for your party but Meek Mill's 'Monster' is great also because now you're not just any ordinary monster. You are now a rich AF monster (because the money turned you to a monster, of course).

    This cut is a certified banger almost anywhere (it was playing at my barbershop yesterday, in fact) so unless you're Drake, this slapper's gotta be on your Halloween playlist. Oh, and when you're taking a photo to flex your costume on Instagram, you can yell, 'Do it for the 'Gram!' 'Monster' works on a few levels here, as you can see.

  5. E-40 - 'Zombie' https://open.spotify.com/track/1fcKUcd45LnDNfnvmOg6Hi

    Monsters and ghouls get shout outs on E-40's 'Zombie' too. The song features Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne (rappers who are also great for Halloween-themed playlists, of course). Here, all three MCs trade bars over a haunted house-inspired beat and 40 Water describes the scene: 'The sky is black and it's frightening,' he says, before talking about kickin' a dude 'like a punter' and beating a 'motherf--ker like a drummer.' Clearly, zombies have no chance with 40-Fonzarelli.

  6. 'Martians Vs Goblins' https://open.spotify.com/track/1UIcqXAA24eg76EFWViwr5

    You need some Game, Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator in your Halloween playlist and this song delivers all three but it also includes an assortment of costume references: vampires, goblins, pirates, Captain Hook, Spiderman and Hulk (and that's just Game's verse). Beyond costume ideas, you'll get your gore too. Let's not forget what Game does to Lil B, Rihanna and old Harry Potter books on this one.

  7. Bad Meets Evil - 'Scary Movie' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7vV115nYO0

    Wanna make a scary movie? This Bad Meets Evil song might be perfect for it. It's also a pretty great throwback to vintage Royce and Slim. Remember when Em was saying things like 'The one man on the planet/ that'll drive off of the Grand Canyon/

    Hop out of a Grand Am and/ land in it handstandin'?' Yeah, that Em. This joint also comes complete with haunted house screams and shrieks so it works if you're hosting one of those mazes too.

  8. DMX - 'Frankenstein' https://open.spotify.com/track/4x3sXcRa6C5BUoCrMrLKMJ

    If this was just a regular rap playlist, I'd pick DMX's 'Party Up' or 'Ruff Ryders' Anthem,' but since it's a Halloween playlist, I can't go with those. Instead, I have to go with 'Frankenstein.' Did you ever think an MC would do a song this hard called Frankenstein? Well, X did. And like many of Dark Man's illest joints, this one comes with supreme intensity, insanely terrifying dog growls and ferocious bark sounds.

    Sidenote: Ice Cube also has a song called ' Dr. Frankenstein ,' which is an honorable mention on this list, but since the names are so similar, I thought I'd point it out here.

  9. Eminem - 'The Monster' https://open.spotify.com/track/48RrDBpOSSl1aLVCalGl5C

    Eminem's got ton of gory material. We even wrote about how '3 a.m.' can basically be a horror movie, so we know he's got mad joints that work for a Halloween playlist. Plus, he's already on here with Bad Meets Evil.

    But this Em/Rihanna joint might be the most fitting of all Slim tracks for an actual Halloween party, combining Shady's intricate rhyme patterns, RiRi's infectious chorus, a monstrous theme and, um, yodeling.

  10. Lil Wayne - 'Upgrade You' https://open.spotify.com/track/2LskohOoaVbz9Egc88AsIT

    Like Em, Weezy has a few songs that could be on this list too. You could make a case for 'A Milli' because he told us he was a goblin and that's as Halloween as anything. On top of that, the 'A Milli' beat is still as potent as ever.

    But 'Upgrade You' made the list because of a different declaration we get from Wayne: 'I am a monster. Everyday is Halloween.' Word. Gotta keep this vintage joint on the playlist off the strength of that alone. Speaking of vintage...

  11. Big Daddy Kane - 'Ain't No Half Steppin'' https://open.spotify.com/track/0dNiLb9FEHrRK7VFDJctiR

    When this song hits, you're quickly reminded of one of rap's golden ages in the '80s when rappers used to say things like 'word to the mother' and Big Daddy Kane is one of that era's greatest MCs.

    However, this song isn't on the playlist as just a nostalgic relic -- it's also on the list because of two more important reasons: 1. It's dope as hell. 2. BDK compares himself to a horror movie staple who's at every Halloween party ever: 'Friday the 13th? I'ma play Jason.' Long live the Kane.

  12. Young Thug - 'She Notice Me' https://soundcloud.com/trapperschoice/young-thug-she-notice-me

    Everyone at your Halloween party wants to be noticed, so this will basically become an anthem. It's nearly impossible to avoid dancing while rapping along to this line with Thug: I got Halloween trick-or-treats up my sleeve! Everyone knows the best part of Halloween is trick-or-treating and Thugger is in tune with that reality. Speaking of trick-or-treating…

  13. Geto Boys - 'Mind Playing Tricks' https://open.spotify.com/track/63BokRfXSQhEU6Qi2dSJpZ

    Some of the songs on this playlist are upbeat. Others are more for the ambiance. This fits the latter category much more than the former. It's more of a mellow vibe. The song will always be synonymous with Halloween thanks to Bushwick Bill's verse where he robs little kids for trick-or-treat bags in a nightmarish hallucination. And even with all that insanity described, the beat (and the cut overall) remains classic and a solid choice for any Halloween playlist.

Check out our ' Rap Songs That Could Be Horror Movies ' list and hit us with any more suggestions for tracks that could land on a Halloween playlist.