13 Reasons Hot Wheels Computer Games Are Better Than Drivers Ed

13 Reasons Hot Wheels Computer Games Are Better Than Drivers Ed

I don't know about you, but when I was in high school, I had to take a six-month course on how to drive. We learned everything from how to accelerate onto the highway to how far away you need to park from a fire hydrant to how to not look like a complete dork in your license picture.

It was a good class. Unfortunately for my teacher, though, I've known everything I need to know about driving since I was as young as six years old. You see, I was a frequent player of ' Hot Wheels : Stunt Track Driver,' only the best PC driving game ever .

I learned everything I needed to know to get my license from that game, and now, you can too! Here are all the things that Hot Wheels computer games *definitely* taught you about driving.

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  1. It's all about having a sweet ride. Mattel
  2. And picking a boss road to drive down. Mattel

    It's about the journey, not the destination.

  3. Might I suggest a mountain? Mattel

    With a face on it!

  4. Watch out for animals! Mattel
  5. Try to avoid crashing. Mattel

    Unfortunately, in real life, your car doesn't recover this quick.

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  6. Definitely don't slow down for turns. Mattel
  7. If you go really fast, your car will be enveloped in sparks. Mattel

    And it totally won't be weird or scary or dangerous.

  8. If you do something awesome, it may even start spurting fireworks. Mattel
  9. Stop signs are not necessary. Mattel

    Livin' on the edge.

  10. Sometimes, roads randomly end in mid-air. Mattel
  11. So cue awesome flips. Mattel

    Rolls on rolls on rolls.

  12. Loops are also a pretty common occurrence. Mattel

    Like, a ton of roads have them.

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  13. There may be medals upon reaching your destination. Mattel

    But only if you pulled off those awesome jumps.

Basically, driving is allll about having swag. I think.