13 Reasons Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo Was His Swooniest Role Ever

13 Reasons Leonardo Dicaprio S Romeo Was His Swooniest Role Ever

Unpopular opinion: Leonardo DiCaprio ’s Romeo was sexier than Jack Dawson .

Sure, Leo earned the honor of having his face plastered across every ‘90s preteen closet in America thanks to his heartthrobby turn as the ill-fated Titanic hunk, and we’ll never let go of that. But before he became the self-proclaimed King of the World, he was the pride of House Montague and cemented his status as a forever love.

It’s been 20 years since Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet gave William Shakespeare’s epic love story a sexy and modish revival and ushered in the era of ?❤️‍LEO❤️‍? but our hearts will go on melting over this character, whether he wants us to remember his teen dream days or not. Here's why:

  1. Let's start with the obvious: Romeo was a stud. 20th Century Fox

    Leo was blessed with good looks and even better locks, and whoever did his highlights back then was a total pro. As people used to say back then, he was all that and a bag of chips.

  2. Not even the rain could douse his hotness. 20th Century Fox


  3. Even more attractive was his way with words. 20th Century Fox

    When your dialog is scripted by arguably the greatest writer in human history, your words are bound to be beautiful. Puppy love never sounded so poetic.

  4. He wore his heart right there on his sleeve. 20th Century Fox

    Romeo was secure enough to be unafraid of expressing his emotional side, which … slow clap. There's a reason he became one-half of the most all-consuming love affair of all time, and it's because he opened up and committed to the feels.

  5. He was also super playful when the time was right. 20th Century Fox

    His smile would straight-up drop a gal. We're getting secondhand happy just even looking at this grin.

  6. He knew how to pull off the grand gesture. 20th Century Fox

    Was there ever a more heartstopping scene than when Romeo and Juliet seduced each other through the fish tank? Nope.

  7. He was sensual without being gross about it. 20th Century Fox

    Take notes because this is how it’s done.

  8. He knew when to say when and stand up to friends. 20th Century Fox

    It's very important to know where that line needs to be drawn, and acting on an obsolete grudge against your new bride's family is definitely an example of that.

  9. He was obviously the greatest kisser. 20th Century Fox

    Sadly, we don’t know from personal experience, but there’s plenty of visual evidence to support this theory.

  10. He raised the bar on proposals. 20th Century Fox

    Top that, we dare you.

  11. He was a master smartass sometimes. 20th Century Fox

    But he was so spritely about it, his sass could easily be mistaken for something else entirely.

  12. He had some serious steeze. 20th Century Fox

    He knew his style strengths and went with it.

  13. His passion was endless. 20th Century Fox

    This is a guy who stared down the infinite abyss and gave his best metaphorical middle finger to it in return for all its maladies. Bold.

Thou art eternal, Romeo.