13 Reasons Theo James Is Much More Than A Hollywood Beefcake

13 Reasons Theo James Is Much More Than Hollywood Beefcake

If the words that first spring to your mind when you think of Theo James are 'hunk' or 'babe' and/or 'hawt,' we get it. All of those things are totally true.

'Cause, like ...

Yeah, THUD for days.

But the thing is, the ' Divergent Series ' star is so much more than just a pretty face with a rockin' bod. He's also a pretty kickass individual, so to celebrate Theo James' 31st birthday (Dec. 16), we decided to throw together a few prime examples of how Four Theo totally transcends the 'Hot Guy In Hollywood' motif.

  1. First of all, he is a learned gent.

    Theo aka Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis studied philosophy and finished his degree at the University of Nottingham before deciding to become an actor.

  2. He also served his time doing gross jobs first.

    He used to have to clean up corpse body fluids for the National Health Service in the UK, so now he's totally not a priss about putting in a hard day's work.

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  3. He played in a band (and was good). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJtn4V0bylE

    Theo sang and played guitar for a UK group called Shere Khan for several years before they officially disbanded back in 2012.

  4. His reason for becoming an actor was pretty organic.

    This wasn't about the fact that he's got a face for the cameras (although, too true, he does). He told Elle Magazine that the reason he went into acting is, 'I was one of those little kids who did it around school, and then I got to university and made lots of bad plays and short films, and then midway through that, it suddenly dawned on me that this might be a satisfying way to earn a living, if that was at all feasible.'

  5. His reaction to getting the much-buzzed role of Tobias 'Four' Eaton in 'Divergent' was pretty great.

    He told ScreenRant , 'In truth, I guess I kind of take things as they come. I’m a bit too much of a pragmatist so I kind of take it day by day and I was actually working in Florida and I remember they called me and said that I was doing the part. And I was like: 'Yeahhh!' But there was no-one to celebrate with and so I went to the bar on my own and got sh-tfaced.' Cheers to that.

  6. There was also the way he stated his case for staying off social media.

    'I don't have it and I never will,' he explained to Flaunt Magazine . 'Other actors I know are really good at it and they rock and roll it, but it's not for me. If I post a picture of us having a drink now and get loads of views or comments and stuff, then suddenly you're quite exposed and you're in a world of work. I just like being present.'

  7. Plus, he became the face of Hugo Boss ' Boss the Scent and was a total boss about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k49OZK4OohQ

    In a sultry commercial directed by Darren Aronofsky, Theo was all a hunk, sure, but he had a very mature appreciation for the ad.

    'It came out of the blue,' he told Interview Magazine . 'But classic masculinity is very interesting to me, because I'm more of an old-school-type dude.' Shooting the ads, he says, was 'a funny learning curve. It's strange to do, surreal. There's no dialogue, so you have to invent a story in your head. Otherwise, you're just standing there looking like a dude standing there.'

  8. He also totally *got* Four.

    The Veronica Roth allegiant (ahem) will know that Four is so much more than some generic YA love interest, and thankfully the actor chosen to portray him -- there were PLENTY of options for the filmmakers, to be sure -- fully understands that.

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    He once explained that to his mind Four 'is the type of person that walks into a room and doesn’t need to be the loudest voice but you still feel his presence, also someone that doesn’t speak too much but you know that he is thinking all the time. That is one thing that I wanted to bring – he is a perceptive person but doesn’t speak too much. On top of that, there's this kind of dangerous stillness that I felt that he had when reading the book and the script. Those things I wanted to draw on. I love masculine characters that don’t need to be shouting in someone’s face and wielding their masculinity. I love the old Paul Newman style.'

  9. Also, he's totally the 'fun' boyf.

    Theo, who's been dating actress Ruth Kearney for ages, still has a good perspective on keeping things interesting. 'The meaning of romance is spontaneity. I'm not great with gifts, but I'm good at random fun stuff, like taking trips and being able to say 'f--k it' and go somewhere for a weekend,' he told Harper's Bazaar .

  10. And he looks for the cool qualities in significant others.

    Sure he has a thing for ' pretty legs ,' but 'most importantly, I like confident women. It’s probably because I grew up with four strong women — my mother, grandmother and two sisters.'

  11. He keeps it real about love scenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCtNLv5FwqI

    It's all about the pants . Fact.

  12. He's got serious dance skillz.

    Theo James just so happens to be trained in ballet, tap, and jazz dancing techniques, which means he's a true triple threat.

  13. He knows how to keep his secrets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEeQH7ilXKo

    Everybody deserves a private life, and only a run-of-the-mill famehog would sacrifice his secrets for screentime. Not Theo.