13 Reasons 'Twitches' Is Disney Channel's Best Halloween Movie

13 Reasonstwitchesis Disney Channels Best Halloween Movie

Even though ' Halloweentown ' gets all the love when it comes to Disney Channel Halloween movies, ' Twitches ' is the real hidden gem of their holiday line-up. Featuring ' Sister, Sister ' stars Tia and Tamera Mowry , the movie had everything -- from magic, to early 2000's fashion, to a sweet message about family and the power of love.

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In honor of the movie's tenth anniversary today (Oct. 14), here are all the reasons why 'Twitches' is Disney Channel's best Halloween movie.

  1. It was all about sisterly bonding. Disney Channel
  2. The acting was superb. Disney Channel

    Grade A Disney Channel screaming.

  3. So are the special effects. Disney Channel
  4. It's got magic. Disney Channel

    When do we get to wake up and find out we have magic powers again?

  5. It teaches you killer insults. Disney Channel
  6. The supporting cast is awesome too. Disney Channel

    Gonna need Karsha and Ileana to be my new BFFs, stat.

  7. There's some pretty awesome necklace action going on. Disney Channel
  8. It teaches you the value of being a team. Disney Channel

    We're nothing without our squad.

    hoje eu pensei em te matar
  9. It's legit scary. Disney Channel

    The Darkness is terrifying, y'all.

  10. The fashion is killer. Disney Channel
  11. It's got a deep back story. Disney Channel

    A father sacrificing himself for his daughters? Their two loyal protectors trying to save them in any way they can? It's basically an epic poem all wrapped up in a Disney movie.

  12. The visuals were stunning. Disney Channel

    BRB, booking my tickets to Coventry.

  13. In the end, love is the most important thing. Disney Channel