13 Scandalous Lyrics From Zayn’s Mind Of Mine That You’d Never Hear In A 1D Song

13 Scandalous Lyrics From Zayn S Mind Mine That You D Never Hear 1d Song

Ever since announcing his solo career last year, Zayn Malik 's been adamant about showing us the 'real' him. Through several shockingly candid interviews, risqué photo shoots, and questionable makeovers, it soon became clear that he was determined to shed the boy band-friendly exterior we'd come to know him by during his tenure with 1D , and instead prove that he's capital-G Grown now.

And so, when his debut solo album Mind of Mine arrived on Friday, Zayn put his money where his mouth was and gave fans a collection of new music that's unabashedly libidinous. It makes sense -- after all, One Direction were never really able to explicitly sing about sex, even when it was something that was surely important in their personal lives. Z probably had a lot of pent-up feelings he'd been dying to sing about... and dammit, he seized that opportunity with fervor.

To prove it, here are the most ~scandalous~ lyrics from Mind of Mine that would never, EVER be found in a One Direction song (accompanied by GIFs of Zayn to quench your thirst):

  1. 'I just wanna watch you when you take it off' Tumblr


    Take off all your clothes and watch you take them off'

    Josh de Drake e Josh agora

    - 'TIO'

  2. 'It's kinda hard to walk right Tumblr

    / When you're walking on my left

    / With your high heels on

    / And your sexy ass dress'

    - 'She Don't Love Me'

  3. 'Right now I can't see straight/ Tumblr

    Intoxicated it's true'

    'When I'm with you/

    I'm buzzing and I feel laced'

    - 'Drunk'

  4. 'Yeah, reckless behavior/ Tumblr

    A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw'


    In the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day/ Fucking and fighting on'


    glitter rosa no ar
  5. 'Push me up against the wall Tumblr

    / Don't take it easy'

    'You like it hard like me

    / It's what you need

    / Let's get naked and explore

    our inner secrets'

    - 'TIO'

  6. 'I'll get her wetter than ever' Tumblr

    'Four letters are never the question/ She likes when I’m messy/ And I like when she’s undressing'

    - 'Wrong'

  7. 'She puts her mouth round the cigarette/ Tumblr

    I put it out cause she likes that'

    - 'She'

  8. 'I found my life in between shots and getting high' Tumblr

    - 'Bright'

  9. 'Drunk all summer/ Drunk all summer/ Tumblr

    We've been drunk all summer'


    Drinking and flowing and rolling

    / We're falling down'

    - 'Drunk'

  10. 'I think I know she don’t love me/ Tumblr

    That's why I fuck around'

    - 'She Don't Love Me'

    os diários de vampiros Stefan e Caroline
  11. 'I can taste it on your mouth/ Tumblr

    And I can't leave it

    / You're a freak like me'

    - 'TIO'

  12. 'I light her like dynamite/ Load her like gigabyte' Tumblr

    'Turn out the fucking lights/ I wanna see you bright'

    - 'Bright'

  13. 'So take it off/ Let's break down all of our walls/ Right now I wanna see it all.' Tumblr

    - 'Bordersz'